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2011 - 2015 Ford Super Duty Jump Seat to Console Swap

See our selection of consoles here. CONSOLE REMOVAL: I was not there when he removed the console, so I do not know for sure, but I think there are 8 bolts that hold the console in. 2 under the cup...
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Seat Swap Guidelines (Basic Rules)

Remove Battery Nowadays many cars and trucks have SRS systems which could throw a code that needs reset once it's tripped. Avoid this by disconnecting the negative terminal, waiting 15 minutes, and then removing your old seats. Use as much...
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Best Seats For Fabricating Into A Hot Rod or Project Truck

Bolting In There are a ton of variances in mounting styles, the majority of seats have a pretty simple 4-bolt mounting pattern, though some of the newer GM seats use a 2-bolt/2-hook mounting pattern. With most hod rods & project...
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Cassius's 2003 Super Duty Full Restoration

This Super Duty was made new-again by the original owner, Cassius. Cassius swapped our 2011-2014 F250 Style seats into his 2003. This build is a symbol of a true Super Duty enthusiasts love of his truck.   2003 Super Duty...
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Dodge Charger SXT, SRT & PPV Seat Swap (Police Pursuit Vehicle)

Pursuit models are great. They're excellently maintained by Government Agencies, and you can pick one up at the auction for far less than you'd expect to pay for a similar model at the dealership. The one thing that's painfully different...
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Dealing With Seat Airbags & Seat Swaps

Seats Have Airbags? If the seats you're using are made after 2000, there's a good chance they have airbags built in. To properly identify whether or not your seats have airbags, look out for the "SRS" or "AIRBAG" tag. If...
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2007-2014 (NNBS) Chevy GM Seat Swap - Memory Bypass & Heat Setup

Last Modified: 7/17/2017 We still haven't got the heat working, but everything else works quite easily. Buying aftermarket heaters would probably be more economical than dealing with OE GM parts and wiring. For Seat Swaps in 2007-2014 GM w/o Heat...
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S197 Mustang seats in SN95 Mustang | Ford Mustang Seat Swap

A few years ago, a great customer of ours did an excellent write-up on the installation of the mustang adapter plates we sell. These allow you to directly bolt in the 2005-2014 seats in most 1994-2004 Mustangs. Everything below is...
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Dodge Ram Seat Swaps | 2009+ Seats in The 2002-2008

3rd Gen (2002-2008) Dodge Ram seats are getting harder and harder to find in good shape. If you're looking to restore your truck to its original glory, you may find it to be a difficult and expensive task. You could...
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How To: Replace A Bench Seat In A Truck (10 Steps)

Introduction Bench seats are commonly found in many trucks, especially those that were purchased with the lower-end trim levels, especially in the models marketed for commercial use. Bench seats, while preferred by some, can often become a hassle due to...
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