If you own a 1999 - 2007 Ford F250, F350, or F450 Super Duty, you may want to add a jump seat to the front row of your truck. A jump seat is a folding center seat that can accommodate a third passenger or provide extra storage space. While this process isn't a direct swap, we will guide you through the steps and challenges of replacing your console with a jump seat.

Step 1: Finding the Right Seat

These jump seats came in two different styles. The 1999 - 2002 style jump seat had a coin holder with a large storage compartment. The 2003 - 2007 style jump seat had two cup holders and a smaller storage compartment. The colors offered varied by year. The 2008 - 2010 Ford Super Duty Jump Seats will also work however the colors are different. 

Step 2: Remove the Console and Armrests

The first step is to remove the console and armrests from your truck. You will need some tools for this task, such as a ratchet, a metric socket set, a Torx bit socket, and a screwdriver. You can follow these instructions:

  • Adjust the seats as far back as you can and remove the bolts on the front that attach the seats to the floor.
  • Adjust the seats as far forward as you can and remove the plastic caps and bolts on the rear that attach the seats to the floor.
  • Unplug any electrical connectors from the console.
  • Lift the seats and console out of the truck and set it aside.
  • Slide off the armrest covers from both seats and remove the T45 Star Bit Bolts underneath.
  • Remove the armrests from both seats and set them aside.


Step 3: Carpet / Floor Liner Modifications

The next step is to modify the carpet & seats to be able to accept the jump seat. Place the jump seat in the vehicle and align the two front mounting holes. Mark the location of the rear mounting holes. Remove the jump seat. Cut an X over each hole with a razor knife and remove the triangular tabs. 

Step 4: Bucket Seat Modifications

Now that the vehicle is set up for the jump seat, it's time to convert your original bucket seats to fit the center jump seat. The armrests will need to be removed to accommodate the center jump seat. 

  • Pull the cover for the arm rest off. 
  • Unbolt the armrest using a T45 Torx socket. 
  • The arm rest alignment pin may conflict with the center jump seat. We recommend grinding this pin down. A hole in the upholstery will remain, this will need to be addressed by a professional upholsterer. 

Step 5: Install the Jump Seat

The final step is to install the jump seat in place of the console. You will need to do some minor modifications to make it fit properly. You can follow these instructions:

  • Place the jump seat in the vehicle and align the mounting holes.
  • Tighten the bolts on the rear holes of the jump seat.
  • Place the driver and passenger seats in the vehicle. The front seats sit on top of the center seats mounting bracket and share a front mounting point.
  • Test your jump seat by folding it up and down and buckling and unbuckling your seat belt.

You have successfully installed a jump seat in your Ford Super Duty truck! You can now enjoy having an extra passenger or more storage space in your front row.


Installing a jump seat in your Ford Super Duty truck is not a very difficult task, but it requires some patience and attention to detail. You need to find a compatible jump seat, remove your jump seat and armrests, and install your jump seat with some minor modifications. You can increase your seating capacity, improve your safety, and enhance your convenience with a simple upgrade.


For the 2011-2016 Ford Super Duty please see this Jump Seat and Console Swap.