Dealing With Seat Airbags & Seat Swaps

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Seats Have Airbags?

If the seats you're using are made after 2000, there's a good chance they have airbags built in. To properly identify whether or not your seats have airbags, look out for the "SRS" or "AIRBAG" tag. If you don't see a tag on the seat, make sure to look at the seat trim. This is typical in imported vehicles, particularly Toyota & Lexus models.

Identifying The Wires

99% Of the time the airbag wires will be designated with a yellow harness. Seatbelt wires are also designated with a yellow harness, so make sure to trace the wire and verify that it leads to the airbag. If you purchase from us, we can mark the airbag wires for you! During your confirmation call, simply ask us to mark the wires for you.

Swapping Into A Vehicle With Existing Airbags

If you're swapping seats within the same year, your airbag connection should be the same. Before your swap it's critical to disconnect your battery and wait 15-30 minutes before unplugging your seats. After you're positive the wiring is correct, plug your battery back in. This reduces the chance that you'll need an SRS system reset from your dealership (typically $100-200).

Fabrication: To Remove or Not To Remove

When properly identified and confined, the airbag is completely safe to leave in the vehicle. Separate the airbag harness from the remainder of the wiring, and simply unplug it. That should be far more than adequate. If the airbag wires are integrated with the harness, we suggest terminating the wires & heat shrinking them to prevent any accidental discharge.

If you adamantly want the airbag removed, simply remove the upholstery and unbolt the airbag. You'll need to make a custom piece of foam to insert in the void that the airbag left to prevent upholstery sagging.

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