The market for seats fitting 1998 and older Ford trucks is rapidly shrinking. Finding a set in good condition is a feat in itself. But worry not—Seat Swap Fabrication offers a practical solution.

Fat Fender Garage's Seat Swap Brackets

If you're looking for more modern seating options, Fat Fender Garage offers seat adapter brackets that allow you to use Ford Mustang seats from the 2015 - 2023 model. The coolest part is that the leather Mustang seats typically sport heating & cooling! That feature can be wired up easily with our Ford Mustang S550 Heated & Cooled Seat Wiring Kit.

Fat Fender Garage currently offers brackets for the following trucks:

  • 1953-1956 Ford Truck
  • 1967-1972 Ford F100
  • OBS Ford Trucks
  • 1973-1979 Ford Trucks

OBS Ford Truck Seat Swaps

One viable option is to consider 1999-2010 Ford Super Duty seats, which work well with older truck models.

OBS Ford Truck with 2003 King Ranch Super Duty F250 Seats Swapped
OBS Ford Truck with 2003 King Ranch Super Duty F250 Seats Swapped - Photo 2

Through-Bolting Made Easy

Several DIY enthusiasts have successfully completed this swap. The installation process is straightforward. Here are the steps to secure your new seats:

  1. Align the seats in the intended position.
  2. Mark where the holes need to be drilled on the floor pan.
  3. Remove the seats and proceed to drill the holes.
  4. Use a reliable bolt/nut/washer combination and thread-lock to fasten the seats.

For a more professional finish, you can have the nuts welded to the frame.

Looking to Avoid The Welder?

OBS Solutions offers seat adapter brackets that allow the 1999-2010 style Super Duty seats to be installed. There is a fairly in depth install process, not extremely difficult but time consuming. The result is an installation that's rock solid and appears factory. We have heard that this does make things a little tight for tall guys in regular cabs.

Helpful Resources

If you're interested in further reading or looking for community advice, here are some useful forum posts:

If you have questions or are looking for a specific seat or console we don't have in stock, feel free to reach out through our requests page. For other general inquiries, visit our FAQ page or contact us.