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I was not there when he removed the console, so I do not know for sure, but I think there are 8 bolts that hold the console in.

2 under the cup holders (just pop up the cup holder trim)

2 on the sides, but below the cup holders, (behind cover plates)

2 on the sides next to the seat, (exposed)

2 in the rear bolting to the floor. (need to loosen seat bolts to get to them)


There are only 4 bolts that hold this in place.

2 at rear of seat, bolting to the floor (need to loosen seat bolts to get to them)

2 under the seat itself (need to remove 2 screws in front of seat, then pull tray out, be careful, and unplug the cigg lighter as your doing it, as there is not much slack)

So basically, loosen the two front bolts on both the driver and passenger seats, then completely remove the two rear bolts on both seats. This allows you to tip the seats up but not have to remove them to get to the console and jump seat bolts. You can probably get to the bolts without doing this, but it makes it alot easier. Then remove the two screws holding the seat down. Both the seat belt strap, and receiver are attached to these bolts, so they come too.

Then open the seat, and remove the two screws on the front.

The tray should now pull out. Its a little snug, but once you lift it a bit, you need to squeeze your hand under and pop off the 12v plug, its tight, so dont pull too much out until its unplugged. Then pull the tray out, below are the other two screws that hold the seat down. pop them out and the seat should come right out. (there is a plug next to the passenger seat, unplug that as well, you will need it for the console, but leave the smaller plug that goes under the jumpseat)

Now we have to pull the dash to get the fold down cupholder in.

Seems hard, pretty easy.

2 screws (torx) behind the cupholder,

then a few more on the panel itself. Start by pulling the 12v plate and 3.5 plug (and sync if you have it) out.

There are little tabs below each for a screw driver. They should pop out, behind each insert is a screw. Then pull the cover from below the steering wheel, there is a screw there as well. Now start pulling the center panel off, it is just push in inserts, so with an easy hand, it should pry off (i always went from the bottom up) You do not HAVE to remove the dash, simply pull it back a bit, but I found it easier to just pop it off, just a matter of pulling the plugs out.

Now its time to put the console in.

Now there are a few options. To make this 100% like factory you can purchase the front support bracket - though it is optional as the console is already secured in plenty of other places.

Under the jumpseat there were the two bolts that removed earlier, these are now used to put in the bracket for the console. Put that on. Then start to put the dash piece for the console on, this goes on the same way the old cupholder came off (minus the torx screws) Now its time to put the console in. It should just slide right in. Screw down on the sides next to the seat (into the bracket that you swapped under the jumpseat) and also the two bolts under the seat in the rear. Now you can put the seats together and tighten everything back up. Dont forget to re plug in the harness for the 12v in the console.

Your console is now done!




Now the truck that is getting the jump seat is a little harder

You will still have the missing carpet under the cupholders. The guy who swapped is planning on getting the ford non-carpet kit, so it should not matter. Also, you will have to cap off the vents that came from the console. We just used ventilation tape and taped the plugs off. Then install and assemble the same way it came out of the other truck.. and your done!

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