Looking to Update Your Corvettes Seats?

If you own an older Corvette, you may have noticed that the seats are not very durable. The foam is too soft and tends to wear out quickly. The tracks are prone to developing slack from worn bushings. The air-powered lumbar and bolster system may leak or stop working altogether.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution: swap in some C7 seats! These seats are not only newer, but also better in every way. They are more supportive, more adjustable, and more stylish. And the best part is, they are a direct bolt-on modification. You only need to do some minor wiring to make them work.

In this guide, we will show you how to install C7 seats in your C6 Corvette. We will also compare the differences between the C6 and C7 seats, and provide some suggestions for where to buy them.

C6 vs C7 Seats: What's the Difference?

The C7 seats are a major improvement over the C6 seats in terms of design, structure, and functionality. Here are some of the key differences, courtesy of this Car & Driver article.

  • The C7 seats have a stiffer frame that reduces flexing and improves stability.
  • The C7 seats have a thinner backrest that increases legroom and visibility.
  • The C7 seats have more padding and contouring that provide better comfort and support.
  • The C7 seats have larger bolsters that enhance lateral grip and adjustability.
  • The C7 seats have electric motors that replace the air-powered system for lumbar and bolster adjustment.

Below are some images displaying the differences between the C6 and C7 seats:

Corvette C6 Seat Diagram

This is the C6 seat, which has a flimsy frame, a thick backrest, a soft foam, and an air-powered system.

Chevy C7 Seat Diagram

This is the C7 seat, which has a rigid frame, a thin backrest, a firm foam, and an electric system.

How to Install C7 Seats in Your C6 Corvette

Installing C7 seats in your C6 Corvette is surprisingly easy. The seats are compatible with the existing mounting holes and wiring harnesses. You only need to do some minor modifications to make them work perfectly. Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the old C6 seats by unbolting them from the floor and disconnecting the wiring connectors.
  2. Install the new C7 seats by bolting them to the floor and connecting the wiring connectors. You may need to use some spacers or washers to align the bolts properly.
  3. Modify the wiring harnesses to bypass the memory function and enable the electric adjustment. You can do this by mapping out the switch harness and splicing it into the wires that go directly to the track motors. You can also use a plug-and-play adapter kit that simplifies this process.
  4. Enjoy your new C7 seats!

Below is a photo of the C7 frame in the C6 Corvette. As you can see, it fits easily where the original seat was.

Corvette Seat C7 Installed in a C6

To read more about the install process, check out this forum thread on Arizona Corvette Enthusiasts.

Where to Buy C7 Seats for Your C5 or C6 Corvette

If you are looking for C7 seats for your C6 Corvette, you have come to the right place. We only carry Corvette seats in MINT condition so you can rest assured that you won't be pulling seats out of a scrap pile.