From 2007 until 2014, General Motors produced two closely related yet distinct center consoles for their Truck/SUV models. We break down the differences between the LTZ Console and the LT2 Console, also known as the "NNBS Console (New-New Body-Style)".

Visual Comparison of LTZ and LT2 Consoles

LTZ Style Chevy Console
LT2 Style Center Console
These consoles may seem very similar, but when it comes to their features, there are some distinct differences.

Key Features Comparison

Feature Breakdown of LTZ and LT2 Consoles
LTZ Console Features LT2 Console Features
One large area of front-storage Three smaller areas of front storage
2 Front Cupholders (removable insert) 2 Front Cupholders (removable insert)
Rear Media Controls, Heated Seat Controls (Delete using GM Part # 1513482) Small rear storage area

The LTZ Console is designed for a curved dashboard, while the LT2 Console fits a 'flat' dashboard.

While it might seem logical to pair an LT2 Truck with an LT2 Console, it's not a requirement. LTZ Consoles are generally more affordable due to their commonality. The only minor issue would be a slight gap where the console meets the dashboard, which can easily be addressed.

The slight gap when fitting an LTZ console into an LT2 dashboard

Resourceful solutions are available, as demonstrated by one of our forum members.

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