The Impact of Fresh Seats on an Aging Ford Ranger

For one of our customers, updating the seats in their Ford Ranger had a profound impact. The vehicle had seen its fair share of wear and tear, making the original seats not just uncomfortable, but also a potential safety risk. Take a look at the photos below to understand the severity of the wear.

Worn out driver-side seat in Ford Ranger
Damaged passenger seat in Ford Ranger
Worn out console armrest in Ford Ranger

Steps to Upgrade Your Ford Ranger's Seats

Upgrading the seats in a Ford Ranger is a straightforward process. Generally speaking, seats from newer Rangers (up to the 2011 model) can fit older versions. However, be cautious if you are considering seats from a Ranger older than your own. It's also worth noting that seats from regular cabs and super cabs are not interchangeable. For this particular case, the customer opted for a set of 2006 seats for his 2001 model. Browse our current inventory for options.

The Transformation is Remarkable

The difference before and after the seat upgrade was staggering. The customer was thrilled and shared before and after photos with us. For more information on Ford Ranger seat swaps, you can check Ranger Forums and this informative YouTube video.

Upgraded driver-side seat in Ford Ranger

If you're looking to breathe new life into your old Ford Ranger, or any other vehicle, don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'll help you find the perfect seats to make your ride comfortable and safe once more.