How much can a pair of fresh seats really improve a vehicle?

For one of our customers it made a world of a difference. This customers Ford Ranger had seen it's fair share of use over the years and had become extremely uncomfortable, if not downright dangerous. Much of the seating surface allowed the customers body to actually make contact with the frame of the seat - in an accident situation this would prove dangerous. Check out the photos below.


How To Upgrade The Seats in a Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a fairly easy vehicle to upgrade the seats in. As a general rule, you can use newer seats in your ranger (up to 2011), but be weary when looking at seats removed from an older ranger than yours. In addition to this, regular cab and super cab seats are not interchangeable. This customer went with a set of 2006 seats for his 2001. You can read more and view our Ford Ranger current inventory.

The Results Are Stunning

We couldn't believe the before and after. The customer reached out to us to express his gratitude with the before and after shots. Ford Ranger Seat Swap Information and Options, could be found on Ranger Forums and a few You tube Videos.

Check out the photos below, and don't hesitate to reach out so we can get your vehicle back up to speed!