Dodge Charger Challenger Secondary Track Mounting Image

If you want to upgrade your 2008, 2009, or 2010 Dodge Charger, Challenger, or Magnum you've probably noticed it's difficult to source replacement seats. The aggressive seat design of the RT, SRT8, and other high output models led to premature wear, making original seats near impossible to find.The good news is you can use the 2011 & newer seats with fairly minor modifications. This blog will show you how to do it yourself. This article only covers the mechanical aspect of the swap. Electrics should be fairly simple, check out our 7 key tips for a successful seat swap for more info.

What You Need

  • Original 2008-2010 Challenger, Charger, or Magnum Seats
  • Newer seats with airbags (2012 or later)
  • A 15mm and a 10mm wrench
  • A grinder (optional)

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Remove the Original Seats

The driver's seat is a direct bolt-in, so you only need to remove it and disconnect the wiring harness. The passenger seat has a secondary mounting track that needs to be removed and transferred to the new seat. Use a 15mm wrench on the bottom and a 10mm wrench on top to remove the through-bolts that hold the track.

Step 2: Install the Secondary Mounting Bracket on the New Seat

The secondary mounting bracket allows the new seat to fit in the original position. You may need to grind off the alignment pin on the new seat if it gets in the way. See the photos below for reference.

Step 3: Install the New Seats and Swap the Original Wiring Harness

Before installing the new seats, remove your original seat harness and install it onto the new seats - identify any missing sensors and move over as necessary. If you have adjustable pedals you'll need to custom mount that switch somewhere on the trim. Install the new seats and connect the wiring harness to the original connector.


Enjoy your new look and comfort! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us! Thank you for reading!



Visual Guide

Dodge Challenger black seats
Challenger generation seat comparison