If you have a 2007-2014 Chevy Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle (PPV), you probably got it for a good price and with a good service record. That's great. But you might also notice some differences from a regular Chevy Tahoe. For example And you might have a big hole where your console should be.

In this post, we will guide you on how to fill that hole with either a GM OEM center console or an OEM jump seat. This information also will help if you want to do the swap in your personal GM Truck or SUV. You can find the center consoles and the jump seats on our GM Consoles & Jump Seats Page.

OEM Center Console - Tahoe, Yukon, or a high trim level Pickup Truck.

An OEM center console is a great option if you want more storage space and comfort in your Tahoe PPV or your GM Truck or SUV It has cup holders, armrests, and compartments for your items. It also matches the style and color of your interior.

OEM Jump Seat

An OEM jump seat is another option if you want to add an extra seat in your Tahoe PPV or personal GM Truck or SUV. It can fold down to create a console or fold up to create a seat. It has a cup holder and a storage tray underneath. It also matches the style and color of your interior.




What You Will Need

Before you start, make sure you have the following items:

  • A replacement OEM GM console or jump seat
  • A set of E-sockets, and a set of Metric sockets. You will need them to remove the bolts that hold the jump seat and the seats.
  • A ratchet or impact gun
  • A wire cutter or a soldering tool may be necessary depending on the upgrade. You might need it to connect the electrical wires from the console or the jump seat.

What You Will Do

Follow these steps to replace your jump seat with a console or vise versa:

  1. Slide your seats all the way back. Remove the two bolts on the front of each seat. They are covered by small black plastic pieces that pop off easily.
  2. Slide your seats all the way forward. Remove the two bolts on the rear of each seat. They are similar to the front ones.
  3. Lean the seats forward and disconnect the wiring harness under each seat.
  4. Remove the seats from the vehicle carefully, or just slide them back and lay them on top of the folded rear seat.
  5. Place your replacement console or jump seat in the hole and align it with the existing holes on the floorboard.
  6. Carefully lay your seats on top of the legs of the console or jump seat and plug your harness in.
  7. Start the rear bolts by hand and then tighten them almost all of the way. Leave yourself some slack until all bolts are in.
  8. Move the seats back. Put the front bolts in and tighten them completely down.
  9. Move the seats forward. Tighten down the rear bolts.

Congratulations! You have successfully replaced your jump seat with a console or a jump seat in your truck. You can now enjoy a more comfortable and convenient ride.

Tips and Notes

Here are some tips and notes to help you with your replacement:

  • If you choose a jump seat, make sure it has a full seatbelt assembly. Some jump seats from regular cab trucks do not have the male end of the seatbelt, and you will need to get it from the dealer.
  • If you choose a console, you need the "LTZ" console. This is the console that has a rectangular gap at the front of it on top, along with rear media and AC controls on the back. These rear controls will not work unless you do some custom wiring.
  • If you have any questions or need help finding the right console or jump seat for your truck, feel free to Contact Us or email us at support@oemcarandtruckseats.com.