Cassius' 2003 Super Duty

Cassius really went to hell with the joke and totally redid his 03 Super Duty that he's had since it was new. He repainted his truck, replaced countless components, and updated the interior to the 2011-2015 style seats. Before (Left) & After (Right).

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Tim's F-150 Lightning

Super Duty Seats paired with a Harley F-150 Console made for a much more comfortable while still sporty interior.

Mark's Jeep Wrangler

Mark bought some front seats with us and custom-mounted them into the rear area of his Wrangler.

Jody's 05 Super Duty Glow-Up

Jody did a great write-up on swapping the 2011-2014 Seats into the 1999-2007 Super Duty.


Tony's Silverado

Tony's work truck had some pretty nice vinyl seats in it, but he wanted leather. Take a look for yourself, they look fantastic! As an added bonus the new jumpseat added a third cupholder, considerably more storage, and a 12v accessory outlet!


Had a little accident in the back seat and John was able to help me get the right replacement and refer me to some other products for the cleanup
Dennis R, San Diego CA 12/2/2021
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Raptor Seats

I was pretty nervous to spend this much online on something I couldn't look at in person. That being said everything arrived with good protection.
Jimmy H, Los Angeles CA 11/21/2021
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I Couldn't Be Happier

I couldn't be happier with the seats and the staff at OEM. It turned our that the first set of seats I selected had been altered by the previous owner and wouldn't fit my vehicle. The staff at OEM had my VIN and identified the problem before the seats were shipped. Keith advised me he had two more sets coming in the next week that would fit my vehicle. He held both sets for me to have first choice. The seats I selected turned out to be a better look and a better price than the first set. Shipping was included, they arrived on time and my mechanic installed them in a few hours. No problems. I highly recommend OEM. They are honest and live up to their promise of a guaranteed fit.
David S, Los Angeles CA 11/17/2021
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FLO Grown

Awesome set of seats, cost an extra $30 to get delivered to my house but overall very happy with them
Brandon U, Jacksonville FL 11/9/2021
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Worth the wait
Took a long time to find the perfect saets but it was worth the wait.
John, Atlanta GA 10/29/2021
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Works Great
Took 5 mins to install and now I have a consol again.
Wade, Salt Lake City UT 10/21/2021
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Thank you
Thanks for working with the insurance company
James, Columbia SC 10/9/2021
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Brand new
Great refurb job
Jerry, Corpus Christi TX 9/28/2021
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Perfect Office Chair
I just bought an 2014 Genesis R-Spec, and fell in love with the seats. Found out that I could get the same seat as an office chair! My car and my desk chair match now.
Jake, Annapolis MD 9/17/2021
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Very Satisfied
Recently purchased Jeep Wrangler cloth seats, after submitting info to the "request list". By that point, had tried multiple other options for OEM seats, with no luck. Wasn't sure I would ever hear back. Happy to get an email from Keith with a great option and promptly purchased. Seats came quickly, well packaged and as described. Website pix very detailed and accurate, and Keith ensured I was aware of minor defects and specs. Seat re assembly is required, and some mechanical knowledge is helpful. Our customer service experience, both before and after purchase, was wonderful and made the whole process worthwhile. I wish I had that with other products I have purchased. The price was well worth it and I am very satisfied with the seats.
Katherine H, Lexington KY 8/10/2021
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Plug and Play
My challengers seat track went bad and the leather wasn't looking so good. Thanks to Jon for the help finding a plug and play set. Helped me through the whole process and install.
Jack, Meridian MS 8/28/2021
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Bleach spill

My better half went shopping put the grocery bags on the rear seat, the bleach was leaking and destroyed the rear seat. Thank u for the fast shipping.
Marcus V, Bowie Maryland 8/10/2021
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Custom air conditioned seats

The only company on the internet that sells AC/Heated 03-07 Super Duty Seats. Thanks for the great customer service!
Rico W, NYC New York 7/25/2021
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Now I can fit 3 people in the front seat

great product and fast shipping
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04 Mustang Seats

perrrfect fit My interior is 100% now...thanks to the OEM Team
Phil K, Meadville PA 6/11/2021
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Great seats and customer service

my silverado looks great inside, shipping a bit slow
Bryan P, LA CA 6/2/2021
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My old F-150 looks new again

Great customer servis, and I'm not sitting on metal anymore
Tommy K, Tulsa OK 5/2/2021
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Great Seats

New seats for my F-150. Thank you for all the help
Corry B, Jackson MS 02/13/2021
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Now I fit 3 in my Tahoe 2nd row

Thankyou Jon for the help
Thomas T, Worcester MA 01/13/2021
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Great seats for my hotrod

thank you for all the help
Jim V, Austin TX 12/29/2020
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Thank God for a fitment call

I ordered the wrong seats, but since oemseats does a fitmentcall the mistake was caught and Jon set me up with the correct seats
Lisa W, Little Rock AR 12/11/2020
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thank you

Great customer service
Braddly M, Austin Tx 12/01/2020
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Finally Leather seats in my Jeep

This company does a fitment call, before shipping to make sure the seats will work for you, and supply you with advice THANKS
Lon P, Las Vegas NV 11/17/2020
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Damn Bleach

bleach bottle opened unto my back seat, now I'm back to normal
Ricky V, Boston MA 11/10/2020
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Thank you

Great seats, but your freight company was a bit slow
Terri M, Odessa Tx 10/12/2020
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Fast shipping Great seats

no more sitting on metal. My work truck is comfortable again
Mike K, Augusta GA 10/11/2020
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Building a 66 Impalla

These guys know their stuff. They walked me through getting the right seats for my Hotrod
Peter l, Atlanta GA 9/13/2020
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New Wrangler, no rear seat

Just bot a new Wrangler without the rear seat now its complete, thank you guys
tammy H, Meadville PA 9/5/2020
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My dog ate my front seats

OEM Seats had just what I needed...My SUV is back to shipping
Ted V, Buffalo NY 8/27/2020
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Jon was great to work with

My F-150 interior is perfect again
Mike A, little rock AR 8/21/2020
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Fast shipping and well packaged

Seats loook AWESOME
Terry M, RENO NV 8/14/2020
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Great Company to work with

Needed seats for a project hotrod, I gave them my measurement that I had to work with and they gave me suggestions live via Facebook video messanger...Awesome
Brett G, Topika KS 8/05/2020
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great deal on my truck

Bought a Silverado, CHEAP with cloth, now it looks 100% better with leather TY Jon, great customer service
Jim S, Raleigh Nc 07/30/2020
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my rear seat was stolen again

fast shipping great product
sammual g, Toledo OH 07/17/2020
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Wifey spilled bleach on the rear seat

This purchace was a perfect match, great customer service, Thank you OEMSEATS
Mathew B, Denver CO 07/13/2020
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just what I needed

With the jump seat I have room for 3 up front in my Silverado
Tristan O, tampa FL 07/9/2020
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Great seats

easy install, shipping a bit slow
Mark P, Buffalo NY 07/8/2020
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popped right in

bought a tahoe with no third row a great deal here
Tommy G, Dallas TX 06/24/2020
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Super Seats

great deel,fast shipping
Paul M, cleveland Oh 06/22/2020
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Customer Service is AAA++++

After my foam broke down , I was basicly sitting on metal for the last 8 months. My seat are comfortable again
James V, Tampa Fl 06/15/2020
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Great seats....TY

I love my truck again...thank you guys
Cornelious A, Hill Side NJ 06/8/202
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Small shipping issue

I had an issue with shipping but Jon in customer service got it handled
Brian R, Pittsburgh PA 06/5/2020
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Unbeiveabel, fast shipping

I wish I upload pictures of my 1999 f150 it looks soooo good now
Pietro C, Atlantic City nj 05/29/2020
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Perfect Fit

After installing the seats my 02 Silverado looks looks new again
Mark O, St Louis mo 05/23/2020
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Happy wife, Great life

Now all the childrens will fit
Malcolm D, Austin TX 05/12/2020
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seats look great

finally got the cigarett e smell out of my car. did carpet at the same time its like new now.
timothy c, canton oh 05/08/2020
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worked perfect

shipping was faster than exected product was good too
chuck d, boise ID 5/5/2020
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great stuff

everything worked good just one box got damaged in shipping got sent a new part fit good thanks
Tommy B, Amarillo TX 4/27/2020
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Excellent transaction.

Everything exceeded my expectations. Hope to buy more.
Jerry M, Dallas TX 4/27/2020
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Very well packaged
great looking seats!! Thanks
David V, Ft Myers FL 4/20/2020
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Thank you very much, fast shipping, item as described!!!
James F, Columbus OH 4/10/2020
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looks good
Seats look brand new
Claire, Savannah GA 4/6/2020
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Looks Great !
Can't wait to install them. Super Fast delivery !
Joseph B. Gallup, NM 4/6/2020
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Saved over a thousand bucks
My wife spilled bleach in back seat of my leased Silverado. The dealer wanted over $2000 to replace everything. Thank you so much for finding the seats for me.
Darrel, Savannah GA 4/03/2020
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Perfect, wife can finally see over the dash without sitting on a pillow. Thankss
Dave, Laredo TX 3/30/2020
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I had a jumpseat in my silverado, but I wanted more storage. I got the console and one of the service reps gave me info on how to install it. Thanks.
Eli, Detroit MI 3/24/2020
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The seats were in amazing condition, shipping and communication was excellent!
Cheyenne, Tulsa OK 3/20/2020
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Fast shipping, God Bless
Armand, San Angelo TX 3/18/2020
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These look like my seats did ten years ago
Laura, Amarillo TX 3/14/2020
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Arrived 5 days early!
Look great! Problem with wires seller solved the problem
Michael S. Columbia, SC 3/09/2020
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Great communication,packaging SUPER,prompt delivery, Product better then expected
Melissa H. Jacksonville, FL 3/5/2020
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had an issue
was resolved with perfect cust service and professionalism..
Jeremy A. Rochester NY 3/02/2020
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love them
Michael P. Boulder, CO. 2/27/2020
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More seating
Looks like we are having twins! The rear captains chairs in my Suburban had to go and the 3 person second row really came in handy!
Mary, Gaithersburg MD 2/25/2020
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Thanks Guys
Got all 3 boxes today and seats are in excellent shape!! Only disappointment was the Corona box used as packing was empty, LOL
John, Sour Lake TX 2/21/2020
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Lost package
As described nice piece Lost by UPS replaced by seller.
Adam, Columbia MO 2/10/2020
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Ford Console
fast service....5 star all the way... thanks.
Jeff S, Rapid City SD 2/06/2020
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Great deal
Douglas S, Cincinnati OH 2/1/2020
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Arrived on time and is as described. Used but in great condition. Recommend!
Paul T. Idaho Falls, ID. 1/27/2020
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easy retrofit
worked in my 07 2500 color is close
Albert, Portland ME 1/24/2020
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Well packed
I was nervous buying a full interior and having it shipped but everything showed up perfect, well packed and protected. Sales staff knew their stuff.
Daniel, Del Rio TX 1/24/2020
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'15 Chevy work truck
Leather is great big upgrade from the old grey fake leather seats that came in it. Did the carpet at the same time and you cant even tell from the inside that it used to be a basic model.
Alex, Idaho Falls ID 1/19/2020
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Charger PPV
No longer feels stripped down.
Alex, Jacksonville FL 1/17/2020
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Console for the police tahoe
I bought a Tahoe Police vehicle and needed a center console. The dealershp couldn't even look up the right one, I found the blog on the website and it really made my install easy
Michelle, Gallup NM 1/15/2020
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F250 Center Seat
I needed to fit an extra worker in my 04 F250. Thanks for the help, the jumpseat worked out perfectly.
Jose, Amarillo TX 1/13/2020
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Fit perfect...

am very pleased this. Excellent customer service.
Roger M, Rochester NY 1/08/2020
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Long time to find but good product
Fred, Salt Lake City UT 1/03/2020
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very nice
Thank you Folks for the service and some very nice truck seats . Jim .
Jim, Appleton, WI 12/30/2019
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As described great communication great packaging, arrived sooner than stated👍🏼.
Frank C, Jacksonville FL 12/23/2019
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Made it before christmas as expected
Was sitting on metal, much beter now. thanks.
Carl, Little Rock AR 12/19/2019
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Worked out great for my 1998 3.8 mustang. No problem easy install
Edward, Oceanside NY 12/15/2019
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perfect conditon
very fast shipping!!
Gregory, Henderson, NV 12/10/2019
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Thank you for the recommendation
My 3rd row seats got stolen out of my escalade. Upon the fitment phone call Jon suggested a 3rd row anti theft device and showed me where to get it
Bryce, Detroit MI 12/04/2019
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Looks Great!
Can't wait to install them. Super Fast delivery !
Paul T. Denver, CO. 11/19/2019
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like new
Bryce E. Portland, OR. 11/18/2019
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worked with me
Thanks for helping with the forwarder. they look great.
Henry, Edmonton Alberta, CA. 11/15/2019
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A pleasure to do business with
Very helpful. Fast shipping. Thank you
Michael S. Dunmore, PA. 11/14/2019
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real nice
seats were packed great. thanks
Alan R. Bowie, MD. 11/12/2019
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Beautiful Seats
perfect conditon and very fast shipping!!
Pedro, Monrovia CA 11/8/2019
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fast shippng
Good purchase overall. good communication and fast shipping.
Aaron V, Bowling Green KY 10/29/2019
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Simon M. Green River, UT 10/25/2019
View Purchased Item
As described great communication great packaging, arrived sooner than stated👍🏼
Jimmy, Buffalo NY 10/18/2019
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Quick shipping
Got here before expected, thank you.
Jake, Miami FL 10/11/2019
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Better than what I was sitting on.
Daniel, San Clemente CA 10/8/2019
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Feels like new
I've owned this truck since it was new and these made it feel like day 1 all over. Shipping took a while.
Brandon, Phoenix AZ 10/7/2019
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What a difference!
The old drivers seat back frame was bent from an accident years ago, but I didn't know until I removed the seat that the seat frame was actually broken at the rear of the seat track. Thanks for making these adapter brackets available, and for such great service
Kerry, Fargo ND 10/03/2019
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Easier Than i thought
Talked me through the install process, way easier than I thought. Dealer wanted hundreds of dollars for basically noting. Thanks
James, Milan TN 10/1/2019
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exactly as described
best packaging ever seen-great quality
Rhonda, Jefferson, GA 9/30/2019
View Purchased Item
Great condition
They look just like the photos.
Charles, Wichita KS 9/30/2019
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Perfect Match
Third row seat were stolen while we were at a hotel and these are a perfect match. Shipping dept sent them same day and they were here before our vacation ended.
David, Birmingham AL 9/28/2019
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Bolted Right Up
Just as described. Great packaging and shipping. A+++
Jim M. Shreveport, LA 9/25/2019
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extremely happy and thankful
I don’t know where to start other than I have been looking for a 3rd row for over 3 years now. The whole process was easy and I was more than pleased with the availability of the seat. As soon as I purchased the seat I received a phone call from OEM Car and Truck Seats very soon after! I was very surprised because it was on a weekend!! The gentleman made sure I had the right year, make and model so the seat would fit perfectly. On top of that, with Hurricane Dorian on the horizon I expected the seat to be delivered later than expected. But it was delivered ahead of schedule! The seat was in wonderful condition, just like the pictures showed. I truly appreciate the honesty!! I could go on and on but to make a long story short I am extremely happy and thankful for OEM Car and Truck Seats!
Jermaine, Greenville SC 9/20/2019
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100% Satisfied
The pair of cloth bucket seats appeared to be very nice in the online pictures. So I called them and asked some questions and got quick and accurate answers, plus he went right to the seats and replies "he's looking at the seat now". Well they did NOT disappoint. These seats are like new. Even the foam in the drivers lower is in perfect shape. Packaging is very well done. 100% satisfied.
Larry, Thief River Falls MN 9/15/2019
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The new seats fit great
Peter, Grand Junction CO 9/11/2019
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5 stars
under budget and ahead of schedule
James, Miami FL 9/07/2019
View Purchased Item
As described!! THANK YOU
Hector, Wichita KS 8/28/2019
View Purchased Item
Escalade Hybrid
Fit very pleased this. Excellent customer service.
Rob, Richfield UT 8/14/2019
View Purchased Item
item was as described and arrived ahead of schedule.
Owen, Eau Claire WI 8/11/2019
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Katzkin Seats
I've had my 7.3 Super Duty since 2000, the interior was just destroyed from all the years. Replaced the interior with the complete set of Katzkins refurbished by oem car and truck seats. Replaced the carpet too. My interior looks new again.
Raymond, Milwaukee WI 8/6/2019
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Seats in great condiation.
Good communication. Would buy from again.
Casey C. Grand Island, NE 7/30/2019
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Well packed
very reasonable shipping. Came feight in about 5 days
Walter O, Amarillo TX 7/26/2019
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Power Seats
I wanted to add power seat adjusters to my F350, got the whole kit and help with the wiring.
Michael, Buffalo NY 7/23/2019
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Great Company To Deal With
I want to thank keith for his help in selecting the right bucket seats and the center console to replace old seats in my F-150 lighting they are a great company to deal with
Tim, San Antonio TX 7/18/2019
View Tim's F-150 Lightning Seat Swap
Fast Shipping
Tim, Columbia SC 7/11/2019
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Resolved the issue quickly
A few weeks after install one of the seat motors stopped working, called customer service and they resolved the issue quickly. Received a replacement seat motor with instructions within three days. Very happy with the purchase.
Steven C, Boca Raton FL 7/8/2019
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Thanks for locating the, they look great
Erik, Dallas TX 7/5/2019
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Could Not Be Happier
I could not be happier! And that is really saying something coming from me, a prickly, demanding old man. Always skeptical of anything I buy sight-unseen, I was astounded when I got the seats by how great they looked. Seriously, they look brand spanking new. I feel great about the value I got. Seats were remarkably well packed in three large boxes. The seats were wrapped in heavy plastic and carefully padded on all sides with heavy foam. Heavy-walled, crush-resistant cardboard boxes were used. Every seam of the box was taped as a precaution to keep the seats clean and dry. Hardware was neatly arranged in separate plastic bags. They even modified one of the seats for me at my request before they shipped them. Total turnaround from order to delivery was a week. Service before and after the sale was remarkably helpful. It does not get better than this from a customer perspective. It is a rare business that delivers more than they promise.
Robert, Trenton NJ 6/28/2019
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Thank you
Shipping company lost a box for a few days and I was kept in the loop the whole time by the sales rep while they were trying to figure it out. Everything is here and looks awesome
George, Farmington NM 6/24/2019
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Way Better Than Factory
These make it waaaaaaaayyyyyy more comfortable
Johnathan, Grand Junction CO 6/18/2019
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3 days from order to delivery
The sales staff was helpful and got the order to leave the day i placed it
Morgan, Little Rock AR 6/11/2019
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Console for my '32 Ford
Worked out great, the sales guy worked with me over the phone to find a console small enough to work.
Gavin, Decatur GA 6/6/2019
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