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Thanks for locating them, they look great"

-Erik, Dallas TX
Purchase Date: 5/1/17
Click Here To See Erik's Super Duty Work Seats

Bolted right up, no longer sitting on metal. Thanks"

-Carl, Little Rock AR
Purchase Date: 4/12/17
Click Here To See Carl's '01 Ram Seats

My Charger PPV no longer feels stripped down"

-Alex, Jacksonville FL
Purchase Date: 3/19/16
Click Here To See Alex's 300-S Seats

Waaaaaay better than the factory seats"

-Johnathan, Grand Junction CO
Purchase Date: 3/6/16
Click Here To See Johnathan's Mustang Adaptor Brackets

Third row seats were stolen and these are a perfect match"

-David, Dallas TX
Purchase Date: 2/15/17
David's 3rd Row Seats

Perfect console for my hot rod fits between the seats nicely"

-Gavin, Decatur GA
Purchase Date: 2/10/17
Click Here To See Gavin's Center Console

Quick shipping, got here before christmas thank you"

-Jake, Miami FL
Purchase Date: 12/20/16
Click Here To See Jake's Genesis Seats

Took a while to find them but it was worth the wait"

-Jon, Decatur GA
Purchase Date: 11/22/16
Click Here To See Jon's Chevy Seats

Way better than what I was sitting on"

-Daniel, San Antonio TX
Purchase Date: 10/11/16
Click Here To See Daniel's Nissan Seats

I've owned this truck for 15 years and it feels new again. Shipping took a while"

-Brandon, Phoenix AZ
Purchase Date: 10/6/16
Click Here To See Brandon's F150 Seats

Brandon, Sorry about the shipping delay. We are located on the east coast of Fl and we were effected by Hurricane Matthew.


Great condition for their age, just like the photos. Shipping Took a while though"

-Charles, Wichita KS
Purchase Date: 9/22/16
Click Here To See Charles' F-150 Seats

These look like my seats did ten years ago"

-Laura, Amarillo TX
Purchase Date: 9/18/16
Click Here To See Laur'as Ram Seats

Took 5 minutes to install and now my console is useable, thanks"

-Wade, Salt Lake City UT
Purchase Date: 9/09/16
Click Here To See Wade's Center Console Latch

The new seats fit great"

-Peter, Grand Junction CO
Purchase Date: 8/21/16
Click Here To Peter's Adaptor Plates

Thanks for helping with the insurance company"

-James, Columbia SC
Purchase Date: 8/08/16
Click Here To See James' Third Row Seats

Nicely refurbished, like new.

-Jerry, Corpus Christi TX
Purchase Date: 7/10/16
Click Here To See Jerry's F250 Katzkin Seats

I had a jumpseat in my silverado, but I wanted more storage. I got the console and one of the service reps gave me info on how to install it. Thanks."

-Eli, Detroit MI
Purchase Date: 6/22/16
Click Here To See Eli's Console

My 3rd row seats got stolen out of my escalade. Upon the fitment phone call Jon suggested a 3rd row anti theft device and showed me where to get it"

-Bryce, Detroit MI
Purchase Date: 6/4/16
Click Here To See Bryce's 3rd Row Seat

Looks like we are having twins! The rear captains chairs in my Suburban had to go and the 3 person second row really came in handy!"

-Mary, Gaithersburg MD
Purchase Date: 5/29/16
Click Here To See Mary's Bench Seat

I just bought an 2014 Genesis R-Spec, and fell in love with the seats. Found out that I could get the same seat as an office chair! My car and my desk chair match now."

-Jake, Annapolis MD
Purchase Date: 5/18/16
Click Here To See Jake's Office Chair

My wife spilled bleach in my leased 2016 Silverado. The dealer wanted over $2000 to replace everything. Thank you so much for finding the seats for me."

-Darrel, Savannah GA
Purchase Date: 4/19/16
Click Here To See Darrel's Rear Seats

I've had my 7.3 Super Duty since 2000, the interior was just destroyed from all the years. Replaced the interior with the complete set of Katzkins refurbished by oem car and truck seats. Replaced the carpet too. My interior looks new again."

-Raymond, Milwaukee WI
Purchase Date: 4/4/16
Click Here To See Raymond's Seats

My challengers seat track went bad and the leather wasn't looking so good. Thanks to Jon for the help finding a plug and play set. Helped me through the whole process and install."

-Jack, Meridian MS
Purchase Date: 4/2/16
Click Here To See Jack's Seats

I bought a Tahoe Police vehicle and needed a center console. The dealership couldn't even look up the right one, I found the blog on the website and it really made my install easy."

MIchelle, Gallup NM
Purchase Date: 3/21/16
Click Here To See MIchelle's Console

I wanted to add power seat adjusters to my F350, got the whole kit and help with the wiring."

Michael, Buffalo NY
Purchase Date: 3/2/16
Click Here To See Michael's Seat Track

I needed to fit an extra worker in my 04 F250. Thanks for the help, the jumpseat worked out perfectly.

-Jose, Amarillo TX
Purchase Date: 2/19/16
Click Here To See Jose's Jumpseat

What a difference! The old drivers seat back frame was bent from an accident years ago, but I didn't know until I removed the seat that the seat frame was actually broken at the rear of the seat track. Thanks Adaptor Designs and OEM Outlet for making these adapter brackets available, and for such great service!"  

-Kerry, Fargo ND 
Purchase Date: 2/7/16
Click Here To See Kerry's Adaptor Plates

A little pricey but way better quality than the set i found at the junk yard."

-Tommy, Bartow FL
Purchase Date: 1/13/16
Click Here To See Tommy's Seats

It's so nice to have haeted seats that work in the winter! Thanks for all the help."

-Eddy, Grand Rapids MI
Purchase Date: 1/4/16
Click Here To See Eddy's Seats

They took forever to find it but thank you so much for getting them"

-Fred, Nipple UT
Purchase Date: 12/27/15
Click Here To See Fred's Seats

super fast shipping. left the day after i bought it and showed up in 3 days. thanks"

-Morgan, Little Rock AR
Purchase Date: 12/3/15
Click Here To See Morgan's Jumpseat

Seats look amazing, thank you. 2005 escalde looks brand new"

-Pat, Boston MA

UPS dropped a box during shipment and one of my motors wasn't working. Jon sent me a replacement the next day free of any charge, I didn't even have to send my old one back! Thanx."

Dave, Erie PA

Jon helped my find a shop to get power to my seats. Saved me thousands over dealer cost for a new harness."

-Jake, Jonesboro AR

Same seats from the photos, good shipping. Thanks"

-Mike, Ft Wayne, IN

Shipped to freight forwarder in New Jersey and got my seats 3 weeks after ordering. thanks"

-Erik, Green River UT

only needed to put $130 down to have a set of seats held for two weeks until i got paid. thank you so much"

-Brian, Fresno CA

Spoke to a technician who helped me bypass the memory and get leather seats in my truck. Great customer service."

-Paul, Nashville TN

My jumpseat showed up exactly as described and I installed it in less than an hour. Thank you."

-Nick, Austin TX

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