Bench seats are a common feature in many trucks, particularly those marketed for commercial use or lower-end trim levels. While some people prefer bench seats, they can sometimes become inconvenient due to their inherent limitations. This article will guide you through the process of replacing your truck's bench seats with more functional and comfortable alternatives like bucket seats or captains chairs.

Bench? Split Bench? 60/40? Huh?

There's a little bit of vocabulary to learn when shopping for seats. A "bench seat" goes all the way across. A "split bench" has either two or three separate seats that seat a total of 3 people up front. Split benches can be either "60-40" or "40-20-40". Bucket seats fit two people up front and are also referred to as captains chairs.


Preparing for the Project

Ford Super Duty 40-20-40 Seat Installed

The first step in replacing your bench seats is preparation. Fortunately, most trucks come with pre-drilled holes for seat mounting, making the replacement process fairly straightforward. Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • Replacement seats
  • Additional mounting hardware
  • Various tools such as a ratchet, sockets, and a box-cutter
Item Description
Replacement Seats Bucket seats or captains chairs that are compatible with your truck.
Mounting Hardware Bolts and other mounting accessories.
Tools Ratchet, sockets, box-cutter, etc.

Selecting & Installing Your New Seats

Once you're prepared, follow these steps to complete the seat replacement process:

  1. Check compatibility: Use our year make & model drop-down to figure out which seats are compatible with your truck.
  2. Contact your local dealer to procure the necessary hardware.
  3. Gather all the tools required for the project.
  4. Order your seats and assemble them if necessary.
  5. Remove your old seats and test-fit the new ones.
  6. Mark the bolt holes on your carpet and cut a small "T" shaped hole.
  7. Remove the rubber grommets and prepare the holes.
  8. Place the new seats back and make any required electrical connections.
  9. Bolt down your new seats.
  10. Final checks and adjustments.

By following this guide, you can replace your uncomfortable or inconvenient bench seats with more functional and feature-rich seating options. Enjoy your upgraded driving experience! Be sure to also check out our 7 Tips for a Successful Seat Swap!

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