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With the new generation of Chevy Trucks comes a whole new world of wiring questions for those of us who are looking at seat swaps. The 2014+ Style Seats are comfortable, have a nice flat mounting platform, and are great for hot rods and project car seat swaps. These seats are excellent, but if you want the 'loaded' seats with all the features, you'll run into a problem. By far the most difficult task of installing a 'loaded' GM SUV seats is bypassing the memory. 

The passengers seat motors all fire up with a simple 12-volt connection, power and ground. When you power the drivers side using the same power/ground the seat does not work. Our research & development team figured out that all you need to do is get 12-volt power to one other wire, similar to the previous bypass process we did on the  2007-2014 seats

Simply provide power to:
Red Wire, Yellow Stripe (Pin#: 2)
Red Wire, Black Stripe (Pin#: 23)

And provide ground to: 
Black Wire (Pin#: 11)

Right Click -> Save As for full size image.


Disclaimer: Modify seats at your own risk. Disconnect all airbags prior to testing functions.

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