This generation of Chevy Trucks introduces a new set of challenges when it comes to seat swaps. Our Custom Seat Department is here to help you navigate the intricacies of these 2014-2019 Style Seats.

Why Choose 2014-2019 Style Seats?

These seats are comfortable, offer a flat mounting platform, and are ideal for hot rods, project cars, and seat swaps. However, installing the 'loaded' versions with advanced features requires special attention.

Challenges with 'Loaded' Seats

While the passenger seat motors are easy to operate with a simple 12-volt connection, powering up the driver's side is not as straightforward. Based on our extensive research, we've identified the extra steps required to get the driver's seat functional.

Bypassing the Memory Feature

If you want to bypass the memory feature, follow the process similar to our previous guide on 2007-2014 GM Seats.

Wiring Instructions

Action Wire Color Pin#
Provide Power Red Wire, Yellow Stripe 2
Provide Power Red Wire, Black Stripe 23
Provide Ground Black Wire 11

Note: Wire colors may vary.

2014 - 2020 GM Seat Memory Bypass


Modify seats at your own risk. Always disconnect all airbags prior to testing functions.