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Air Conditioned Seats

How Do They Work?

Air Conditioned seats utilize a thermo-electric device (TED), a fan, and some creative ducting to take air from the cabin of the vehicle, heat or cool the air, and dispense it through the perforated sections of the seat.

To learn more about air conditioned seats, check out our blog post!

All of our seats are truly air conditioned. Most of the aftermarket seat cooling systems simply utilize fans to cool the seats, it's ineffective at best. The patented system that most OE Manufacturers use actually produces cold air using a thermo-electric device. It's the same exact system we use in our custom-built air conditioned 99-10 Super Duty Seats.

Air Conditioned Seats FAQ & Buying Guide

  • Can I Add Air Conditioning To My Current Non Air Conditioned Seats?
    • No. Air conditioned seats require special leather and backing material, special foam and duct-work. We cannot help you with this project.
  • Do You Sell Air Conditioned Seats For My Vehicle
    • See our full selection of air conditioned seats below. If you currently do not have air conditioned seats you cannot simply plug air conditioned seats in and have them work. There's a lot of wiring, sensors, and computers involved. We will offer vehicle specific bypass kits for sale soon.
  • I Bought Air Conditioned Seats And I Can't Get Them Working
    • We will offer vehicle specific bypass kits for sale soon.
  • I want to buy a set of air conditioned seats from OEM Car & Truck Seats, can you sell me the computer and wiring so they'll work?
    • We are working on vehicle specific bypass methods. Give us a call at 844-636-7328 and we will discuss options.
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