3rd Gen (2002-2008) Dodge Ram seats are getting harder and harder to find in good shape. If you're looking to restore your truck to its original glory, you may find it to be a difficult and expensive task. You could easily spend $1000 on brand new covers, another $500 on replacement foam, and then another $1000 on installation. After all of that investment you just have to hope that the covers and foam you purchased both meet OEM Specifications, and that your installer actually knows what he's doing while he holds your truck hostage for three days. After the thousands of dollars are spent, you're still stuck with a bad foam design which doesn't hold up well over time. There is good news. There's a better option. With very minor modification you can swap in the 4th Generation (2009+) Ram seats into your 3rd Generation Ram. A number of people have already done this.

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Check out the seat swap guide below.


Step 1:Remove your current seats

 Now is as good of a time as ever to clean your carpet or replace it.


Step 2: Determine what wiring needs to be done, if any.

Click here for more info on wiring


Step 3: Place the new seats in and bolt the console to the passengers track

 Be careful putting the seats into the truck.


Step 4: Rotate the front bracket

 This bracket will hit the OEM Floor cupholder if not turned.


Step 5: Bolt down the seats.

Most people opt not to add any bolts to the jumpseat as it holds on very well using the two bolts that are on there already from the passengers seat. Since the seatbelts are mounted to the Drivers and Passengers seat, and not the jumpseat, it's not really a safety issue. You can always through-bolt to the body if it makes you more comfortable.


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Images courtesy of www.CumminsForum.com