Seat Swap Guidelines (Basic Rules)

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  • Remove Battery
    • Nowadays many cars and trucks have SRS systems which could throw a code that needs reset once it's tripped. Avoid this by disconnecting the negative terminal, waiting 15 minutes, and then removing your old seats.
  • Use as much old wiring as possible
    • When swapping seats you want to keep one thing in mind: Don't let your car "know" something changed. The safest way is to change the least amount of components possible, especially if the connectors are different.
  • Don't cut your connectors
    • We include the floor end of our connectors for a reason. Use T-connectors to tap into your existing harness or re-pin your connector if you're familiar with electronics.
  • Careful with the airbags
    • Airbags are typically marked with yellow wire harnesses, casing, or tape. Exercise due caution when dealing with this wires.
  • Don't Torque Until Everything Is Started
    • The key to easy fastening is starting the bolt. Thread the bolts as tight as you can by hand, all of them, before busting out the power tools.


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