Dodge Charger SXT, SRT & PPV Seat Swap (Police Pursuit Vehicle)

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Pursuit models are great. They're excellently maintained by Government Agencies, and you can pick one up at the auction for far less than you'd expect to pay for a similar model at the dealership. The one thing that's painfully different about these cars is their mismatched interior. The front seats are cloth, and the rear seats are vinyl. 

So how do you go about getting these seats to match? You could buy a cloth rear seat... But that's no fun. So here's some information how to install vinyl or leather seats (including SRT8 seats) in your Charger Pursuit Vehicle.

What Seats Can I Put In My Charger?

2005 - 2016 Dodge Charger

Front Seats - Direct Bolt In
Rear Seats - Direct Bolt In

2005 - 2008 Dodge Magnum

Front Seats - Direct Bolt In
Rear Seats - Direct Bolt In, but the latches need modification

2005 - 2016 Chrysler 300

Front Seats - Direct Bolt In
Rear Seats - Direct Bolt In

2008 - 2016 Dodge Challenger

Front Seats - Direct Bolt In*
Rear Seats - Won't work


If you don't have folding rear seats, you'll need to buy and mount the latches that allow the seat to stay in the upright position.
The 05-10 Charger has a slightly different rear seat than the 2011+.
The 2010+ Chargers and the 2008+ Challengers will require slight fabrication to get into your vehicle. You'll just need to fasten your original L shaped bracket for the passenger front bolts onto the new passengers seat. The drivers seat requires no fabrication.
You will need to remove your seatbelt bracket (under your trim) and install it on the challenger seat, and you'll also need to make a hole in your trimpiece to allow the seatbelt to go through.
Challenger front seats fold forward, Chargers, 300s, and Magnums DO NOT.

What About Wiring?

Powered Track

As long as the seat you're purchasing doesn't have memory, all you need to power up the track is 12 volts and a ground! It's super simple and most car audio installers can add the circuit for under $100 per side.

Heated Seats

This is a trickier setup. If your vehicle didn't come with heated seats, you'll need to add a new power circuit along with the heater control circuit.

Pedal Adjustments

Most LX body vehicles didn't have this feature. You can buy seats without them, and then either purchase the trim piece with the hole for the adjustments or simply custom-mount your switch to the new trim piece. As far as wiring goes the pedal adjustments usually have their own circuits, and worst case scenario it's an hour of crimping wires.

Safety Sensors

You may need to re-use some of your old safety sensors if your replacement seat doesn't have them. This would be the seatbelt sensor (what causes the "dinging"), and the "track position sensor". The track position sensor is two wires and usually separate from the rest of the harness. 

If your seats have airbags, BUY SEATS WITH AIRBAGS!

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