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Seat Swap Guidelines (Basic Rules)

Remove Battery Nowadays many cars and trucks have SRS systems which could throw a code that needs reset once it's tripped. Avoid this by disconnecting the negative terminal, waiting 15 minutes, and then removing your old seats. Use as much...
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Dodge Charger SXT, SRT & PPV Seat Swap (Police Pursuit Vehicle)

Pursuit models are great. They're excellently maintained by Government Agencies, and you can pick one up at the auction for far less than you'd expect to pay for a similar model at the dealership. The one thing that's painfully different...
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Dealing With Seat Airbags & Seat Swaps

Seats Have Airbags? If the seats you're using are made after 2000, there's a good chance they have airbags built in. To properly identify whether or not your seats have airbags, look out for the "SRS" or "AIRBAG" tag. If...
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How To Fabricate Seats In A Hot Rod, Project Car, Truck

Finding the right seat for your hot rod, rat rod, truck, or project car can prove to be a difficult task. You can always resort to the cheap aftermarket bench seats, but what if you want some nice bucket seats?...
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Forum Research Index

Sometimes seat swaps aren't plug-and-play. The good news is, you aren't the first person to do the swap! Forums are a great place to do some research and talk to people who have done it before. Below you'll find an...
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S197 Mustang seats in SN95 Mustang | Ford Mustang Seat Swap

Unfortunately these have been discontinued by the manufacturer. We are currently trying to get a small run made. If you're very interested, please send us an email at and we will notify you when the pre-order is open. There...
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How To: Replace A Bench Seat In A Truck (10 Steps)

Introduction Bench seats are commonly found in many trucks, especially those that were purchased with the lower-end trim levels, especially in the models marketed for commercial use. Bench seats, while preferred by some, can often become a hassle due to...
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