Nothing feels better than getting a new car, right?

Car prices are hitting historic highs and because of that it may pay off to hold onto your existing vehicle for a bit longer than expected. The good news is with a few simple upgrades you can transform your current vehicle into a brand new experience. Sure, everyone sees the outside of the car but lets be honest - the majority of the time you spend in your car you're inside of it.

The comfort you get from your vehicle depends strongly on the interior and with a few simple upgrades you can scratch the new car itch without overpaying for a new vehicle. Even the best cars can be ruined by a bad interior. We are going to break down three easy ways to make your old interior feel like new again.

Trade "Old Car Funk" for "New Car Smell"

Soft surfaces hold smell. In most vehicles almost all the odor of the vehicles is held inside the seats and carpet, with soft surfaces on the door panel and headliner also playing a small but significant role. Door panels and headliners typically only use 1/4" foam so extracting smell out of them is very possible. Carpets are a bit harder to remove smell from, and seats are often the most difficult due to the thickness of the foam and the lack of ways to effectively deep-clean the seat.


 Average 100k mile seat foam. Dirt, liquid, and odors all soak into the sponge-like foam.

Replacing seats and carpet while cleaning the headliner and door panels will land you with a new smelling vehicle. We also suggest doing an Ozone treatment as well to remove any stubborn odors hiding elsewhere.

Suggested Products:

Improve Comfort

Automotive seats, like any other seat, are made with high density foam. Over the years this foam gets worn down from sliding in and out of the vehicle, but it also loses some of its rigidity. The broken-down and less dense foam puts you closer to the metal frame of the seat often times creating uncomfortable pressure points. All of our seats have had their foam tested to ensure that it is at or near factory spec for rigidity and free of any major problems. 

This seat foam showed no signs of wear with the cover on however you could  feel the seat frame pushing up on your left thigh. The internal damage stretches the entire bolster even though the visual damage only goes ~5" into it.

Improve your Infotainment

This gets a little tricky as every vehicle has a complex system with numerous options. We highly recommend going to to find an audio system that works for you! Adding something as simple as Android Auto / Apple Carplay will change the way you interact with your car on a daily basis, while upgrading speakers will make your daily commute far more enjoyable.

Increase Your Cars Value

Upholstery is a job that most car owners tend to get nervous around, and car dealerships really don't want to deal with it either. By replacing your seats you're not only giving yourself the added comfort up front but you're making sure that when you sell your vehicle it will go for top dollar. Upon testing many of the "Car Value" estimation websites a good interior can easily add $2000-4000 to the value of a car.