2007 - 2014 OEM Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra Seats and Consoles

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Showing 1 - 9 of 9 products
2007 - 2013 Sierra Silverado Seats, Black Cloth, w/ 6-Way Power Driver #1024
Chevy Silverado Tahoe Suburban Center Console, Tan LTZ, 2007 - 2014 #1016
2011 Chevy Avalanche Black Leather Rear Seat
2014 Gray GM Tahoe Center Console
 2014 GMC Chevy Tahoe Center Console Tan

A Guide To Chevy Silverado & GMC Sierra GMT900 Seats

Airbag Compatibility Information

These seats were available with or without side impact airbags built into the seats. Seats with this feature will feature an "SRS AIRBAG" tag, and a separate yellow wiring harness for the seat. You can put seats with airbags into vehicles that weren't equipped with them originally, simply ensure that the plug is disconnected. If your original seats have airbags, you must replace them with seats that have airbags.

Silverado & Sierra Seat Materials & Colors

The GMT900 Generation, known by enthusiasts as "NNBS", offered three main colors, though there were some limited exceptions.

Work truck seats were only offered in medium titanium gray vinyl, we recommend installing black seats if you're upgrading.

07-14 GM Seat Materials and colors for Trucks & SUVs

Work Truck WT Vinyl Seats

These seats are very simply designed with a long service-life in mind. Thick work grade vinyl wraps these manually adjustable seats. A center jumpseat was standard. Medium Titanium Gray and Black interiors were available.

Powered LT Front Seats

The "LT Style" front seats feature a power drivers seat and a manual passengers seat. Available in cloth and leather, with or without heated seats. Powered passenger seats were available.

LTZ Style Front Seats

The "LTZ Style" front seats feature leather seating surfaces with heated seats as standard. Both driver and passenger seat tracks are powered. Cooled seats were available for LTZ trims and standard on most higher trim levels.

Center Jumpseat Options

Jump Seats were available in two styles. WT Jump seats had two cupholders and an open upper storage section. LT Jump seats had 3 cupholders, closing upper storage, lockable lower storage and seating for 3 people up front. The Jump Seats can be swapped interchangeably though the exact material slightly differs.

Center Console Options

Center consoles came in two main styles. "LT2" Consoles use the flat dashboard seen on the cloth interior photos above, "LTZ" consoles used the dashboard with the radio bulge pictured with leather interiors above.

Consoles and Jump Seat Swaps are possible depending on your GM Model.

Rear Seat Options

Rear seats are specific to the cab. Crew cab seats featured a folding center armrest with two cupholders.

Seat Swaps & Upgrades

Easy Power Seat Upgrades, Even For Work Trucks

Schematics for these seats are available, as well as wiring instructions for some of the most common upgrades! Adding power seats can be simple as connecting a few wires!

Chevy Silverado WT with Leather LT Trim Seats Installed

Replacing Factory Heated & Cooled Seats

The heated & cooled seat features had a few minor revisions in this generation. Generally speaking most vehicles used interchangeable systems however certain exceptions to the rule exist. You can always reach out to our representatives before purchase to have all of your questions answered.

Buy with confidence knowing that any potential issues will be caught during our pre-shipping fitment confirmation call and not at the time of installation.

A Peltier Seat air conditioning Unit with fan

Limited Edition & Special Interiors

2007-2014 Yukon Denali Ebony Leather front Seats

Sierra Denali Seats

The Denali featured unique leather wrapped bucket seats with every available feature for the model year. Heated seats were standard, and cooling was added as a feature in 2009.

Sierra All Terrain 2-tone Seats

Sierra All Terrain Seats

The Sierra All Terrain featured available two tone Ebony & Titanium Leather seats with brushed aluminum accents throughout the vehicle.

Custom Built Chevy Truck Seats

Custom Saddle leather Silverado Seats

If you are looking for unique seats for a unique build we're you go-to. If you have an exact vision in mind we can make it happen, and if you're not sure one of our Auto Interior Designers can provide a professional recommendation with renderings!

Heating & Cooling are available on all custom built seats!

Custom Build Info

Custom Air Conditioned Seats Available

Degrees cooling switch on Seat side trim panel with finger pointing to it

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