1995 - 1999 GM SUV & Truck Seats

Things You Should Know:

  • There was no jumpseat for this vehicle, only center consoles
  • If you want seating for 3 in the front you need a "60-40" bench
  • Sometimes bolts were also held in with adhesive so you may need professional help if you do not have power tools for installation. 
  • This was one of the last generations vehicles that had "cool colors", not just Black, Grey, or Tan.
  • These seats are becoming very rare, and some colors are even more rare.
  • The colors in order of most common to most rare are: Grey, Blue, Tan, Red.
  • Leather seats in good shape are basically unheard of. We are looking into aftermarket options and restoring these seats entirely. If you are interested in a fully restored set, please shoot us an e-mail at "".
  • In addition to the regular round seat, occasionally we will also come across the rare dual-armrest captains chairs. 

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