Different models of seats with integrated seatbelts
Different Models Of Seats With Integrated Seatbelts

Integrated seat belts, also known as seat belts built into the seat itself, are a unique feature in which the entire seat belt system is contained within the seat frame. This design allows for the seat to be removed from the vehicle while still maintaining its buckle functionality.

Usage of Integrated Seat Belts

Integrated seat belts are commonly found in trucks and have occasionally been used in cars. They are particularly useful in extended cab trucks where there is no pillar for the seat belt to be bolted to, necessitating mounting the seat belt to the floor and ceiling. This design can create difficulties when entering and exiting the vehicle or when trying to access the rear area with only the front door open.

The solution to this problem was to house the entire seat belt assembly within the seat frame and reinforce the frame. This design was sometimes used in SUVs that shared the same body as the trucks, eliminating the need for a second seat design and testing process.

Integrated seat belts are also beneficial when restoring or modifying an older vehicle as they remove the need for secondary seat belt systems.

Examples of Vehicles with Integrated Seat Belts

The following vehicles feature integrated seat belts: