Differences in Seating for 2019+ RAM Pickup Models

For Model Years 2019 and beyond, RAM pickup trucks are available in three distinct body styles, each with its own unique OEM seating options. The Heavy Duty series (2500, 3500, 4500) shares many interior features with the Ram Classic, yet there are significant differences. The 2019 and newer Ram 1500 features a completely redesigned seat.

Available Ram Seats

2019+ Ram 1500 Seats 5th Gen

Diesel Gray, Powered Ram 1500 DT Seats

The new body RAM 1500, also known as the "DT Chassis", is a fully redesigned next Generation truck. Thanks to the new platform, the truck uses brand new seats. The floor mounting platform, as well as the electrical connections, have been altered compared to previous models.

Ram Heavy Duty Seats

Diesel Gray Cloth, Powered Ram Heavy Duty DS Seats

The Ram Heavy Duty series represents a transitional model that maintains the 2009 - 2018 style cab, including the seats. This is referred to as the "DS" Chassis. While the seat's core design remains unchanged, a new cloth material was introduced for consistency with the 1500 models. For more on custom options, visit our Custom Seat Builds page.

Ram Classic (2019 & Newer) Seats

Diesel Gray Cloth Ram Classic Seats

Pictured: Diesel Gray Cloth. Manual w/ Alloy Inserts (left), Powered w/ Carbide Inserts (right).

How to Identify the Right Seats for Your Truck

There are several ways to distinguish between these seat types, but the quickest method is to check the bolt pattern. Both the Classic and Heavy Duty models have relatively level mounting points, unlike the 5th Gen Ram 1500 which has one elevated bolt on the transmission tunnel.

Model Year Ram 1500 Ram 2500 Ram 3500

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