2019+ RAM 1500, 2500, & Classic - What's Going On With The Pickup Seats?

For Model Years 2019 & Newer, RAM pickup trucks have three different body styles all with their own unique OEM seating. While the Heavy Duty (2500, 3500, 4500) shares much of the interior with the Ram Classic there are some important differences. The 2019 & Newer Ram 1500 uses a completely redesigned seat.

The RAM Classic is a fourth gen (2009-2018) style RAM truck. The Ram Heavy Duty (2500+) appears to be redesigned, however the cab itself did not change from the 2018 variant and it continues to use the older style seats, many are calling it the "4.5 Gen". Though very similar, these seats can't be interchanged easily. 

The RAM 1500 is the all-new redesigned 5th Generation truck.

Ram 1500 Seats

The new ram 1500 uses all-new redesigned seats. The floor mounting platform is different from the previous years, as is the electrical connection.

Pictured: Diesel Gray, Powered

Ram Heavy Duty Seats

The Ram Heavy Duty is a transitional model which continued using the 2009 - 2018 style cab, including the seats. To keep consistency with the 1500 models, the 2500 models were introduced with a brand new cloth material though the rest of the seat remained unchanged.

Pictured: Diesel Gray Cloth, Powered

Ram Classic (2019 & Newer) Seats

The Ram Classic is a carryover model from previous years. It uses the same seats found in the 2009 - 2018 models. These are typically found with seat-mounted airbags, though certain models came without that option.

Pictured: Diesel Gray Cloth. Manual w/ Alloy Inserts (left), Powered w/ Carbide Inserts (right).

Identifying Seats

There are a handful of differences but the fastest way to identify these seats is to check the bolt pattern. The Classic & Heavy Duty Ram trucks have relatively level mounting points.

The 5th Gen Ram 1500 has a new bolt pattern with one elevated bolt on the transmission tunnel.

Effected Vehicles:

2019 Ram 1500 2019 Ram 2500 2019 Ram 3500
2020 Ram 1500 2020 RAM 2500 2020 RAM 3500
2021 Ram 1500 2021 RAM 2500 2022 RAM 3500
2022 Ram 1500 2022 RAM 2500 2022 RAM 3500
2023 Ram 1500 2023 RAM 2500 2023 RAM 3500