The meaning of 40-20-40 split bench seat, bucket seats, 60-40 Seats, Captain seats, Full Bench, buckets, bench seat vs bucket seat, Jump Seats and 40/20/40 vs 40/console/40. This Guide will explain the different types of factory seat configurations and the pros and cons of each. If you are looking for Replacement Seats for your car or truck, you may get confused by all the options available. We will explain the main types of seats and their features, so you can make an informed decision.


Bucket Seats - 2 passengers

Bucket seats are two separate seats with a console in the middle. Most cars have this layout in the front, and many trucks also use this same layout. They can also be called 40-console-40 or captain's chairs. Bucket seats offer more comfort and support than bench seats, but they also take up more space and reduce the passenger capacity.
Pictured: 2013 Ford F-150 - 40-20-40 Ebony Cloth


Full Bench Seat - 3 passengers

Full bench seat is a single cushion that covers the entire width of the vehicle, in some situations the backrest may be two pieces. It can also be called a straight seat or a straight bench. Full bench seat allows you to fit three people in one row, but it also offers less comfort and adjust ability than bucket seats. Full bench seat is more common in older vehicles and trucks.

Pictured: Worn 1998 Silverado Bench Seat (we threw it out)


Split Bench Seat - 3 passengers

Split bench seat is a common layout where the seats are divided into two or three parts. There are different types of split bench seats:

  • 40-20-40: This is a three-part bench with three cushions for the lower and upper parts. The numbers show how much space each part takes up in the vehicle. This layout gives you more flexibility and storage options than a full bench seat.

    Pictured: 2013 Ram 1500 - Diesel Gray Cloth 40/20/40
    • 60-40: This is a two-part bench. This layout is similar to bucket seats, but it also allows you to fold down the passenger's seat for more cargo space. Typically speaking the driver seat is independent, the passenger and center seats are a single piece.

    Pictured: 1996 F-150 Red Cloth 60/40 Seats

    Jump Seat

    Jump seat is a small seat in the middle of two larger seats. It can also be called a buddy seat, a console seat, or a jumper seat. It is usually narrower than regular seats, about 11"-15" wide. Jump seat is often found in trucks and SUVs, where it can provide an extra seating option or fold down to create a console or storage space.

    Pictured: 2016 Silverado - Black Leather Jump Seat


    We hope this post has helped you understand the different types of seats and their pros and cons. If you have any questions or need help finding the right seats for your vehicle, feel free to contact us