According to the FBI over 800,000 vehicles are stolen per year and that number is on the rise. In some cases the vehicle is returned in good condition, but in most cases there are issues. One of the most common stories we hear is "My vehicle was stolen and they trashed the interior". We've seen everything from the seats being entirely missing to the seats having some choice words carved into them from a scorned ex lover. Whatever your situation is we are here to work with your insurance to help get you back in the driver's seat.

Unfortunately seats typically aren't available from the dealer in one piece. Most of the time you have to piece them together then assemble them - a daunting process most dealers won't undertake. Even if assembly is not an issue you can expect a very hefty price tag for the loose parts.

Some of our most common seats people reach out to us for in regards to theft recovery are linked below. If you see your car on the list just know that we have helped people in  your situation countless times. If your car isn't on the list don't worry! We can still help, just ask!

Commonly Missing Interiors