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Camaro: 2010 - 2015

    The Camaro is back. The totally redesigned Camaro has quickly become a major contender in the muscle car game. In addition to the respectable numbers it puts out, the Camaro also boasts a very nice interior.

    The front seats are the same between the Convertible and Coupe models. The rear seats are different for Coupe and Convertible. Some convertibles had an option for a rear subwoofer. If you had this option, or if you are looking to add this option, make sure to purchase a rear seat with the mesh insert in the middle.

      The wiring harness for these seats is located underneath the carpet, you will need to remove your seats to see if your connector is the same. These seats use the GM "Hook" style mounting. This means there are only two bolts holding these seats into the vehicle. This means very easy installation.
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