Ram Center Seat Missing

In the last six months we have be inundated with the same phone call from our fleet customers across the entire USA. Customers who ordered brand new 2023 Heavy Duty Ram Chassis cabs are being blindsided by an incomplete interior when they open the door - the center seat and rear seat are missing. After numerous requests for these we decided to get to the bottom of it! 

Small Change, Big Difference  

2019 - 2022 Ram Heavy Duty 

For years now the Tradesman HD truck came standard with the center and rear seats, we knew there had to be a change somewhere in the fine print. We found it. Until 2018, Center and rear seats were standard and apparently could not be deleted. The 2019 and Newer Ram HD Chassis cab introduced "Seat Delete Options" to the buyer's guide as an option which you'd have to opt-into. 

2019 Ram Chassis Cab - Seat Delete Optional

2021 Ram Optional Seat Delete

2022 Ram HD Optional Seat Delete

2023 & Newer Ram Heavy Duty 

The 2023 model year changed the game. Front Center Seat Delete (code CJT) and Rear Seat Delete (code CF8) became standard equipment - the only sign this happened is the small dots that denote them as standard. If you take it "as it comes", you no longer are able to seat six in your truck - you can only seat 2! Thankfully nothing is put in place that prevents you from adding the additional seating to the truck - all you need is replacement seats. 

Ram HD Seat Delete Options Standard

Replacement Ram Seats 

If you're looking for yourself check out our Ram Heavy Duty Seats for both front and rear rows. If you're looking to outfit more than one truck please contact us directly at 844-636-7328 for wholesale & dealer pricing.