3/6/2024 - Product Released!

Heated & Cooled Recaro Mustang Seats Now Available For Sale

3/5/2024 - Update

Well, so much for updates. I was just informed they will be available for sale tomorrow. They are a work of art! Kudos to our Custom Seat Build Department.

2/13/2024 - Original Post

First off, I need to make it clear: I own OEM Car and Truck Seats, and I'm not one to pen blogs. Secretly, I had our Website/SEO guy post this for me, just to make a point. But, I'm pretty sure my blog title has definitely caught the attention of all you Pony Enthusiasts out there. Keep the performance look without sacrificing the heat, powered tracks and air conditioning.

So, every Google search seems to confirm that these Recaro heated, cooled and powered seats are a myth.

2015-2020 Mustang Recaro Seat heated & cooled

"Are RECARO seats in Mustang powered?" A well-known member mentioned, "What @mroad said, the standard seats are RECAROs, non-power, and not heated or cooled." Jan 10, 2021.

"Can you get heated and cooled RECARO seats?" The answer was a straightforward "No, you can't have cooled/heated seats with RECAROs." Aug 10, 2022, from Recaros vs. cooled seats - Mach 1 - Mustang6G.com.

Custom Seat Department's Discovery

Interestingly, my Custom Seat department made note of this myth also...

Now, let me share the story... I've got an exceptional General Manager. I've been an absent business owner since last August due to two shoulder replacements. I haven't driven a vehicle since then, except on rare occasions. Now that I'm able to drive, I decided to check in on the crew. Keep in mind, my GM updates me weekly on business operations, issues, hiring, etc. When I walked into my building, a new employee approached me, saying, "Sir, this is a restricted area for customers. You should head to the lobby first, and one of our reps will escort you to see all of our seats. Let me show you the way." He then proceeded to escort me into the lobby, where the rest of the staff warmly welcomed me back, much to the new employee's surprise. After I introduced myself as the owner, he began to apologize, but I assured him, "No need to apologize... Safety first."

After the staff had left for the weekend, my GM and I took a tour of the building, which I hadn't seen in a while. We checked the inventory storage, shipping department, seat cleaning, and sterilization area, and the photo area, to name a few. Everything was in order, so I complimented my GM.

However, the last stop was the Custom Build Department, which has its own 1500 square foot room with a usually unlocked man door.

When we found the door locked, I asked the GM to open it, but he didn't have the key. We were both dumbfounded and confused.

So, we called the manager of the custom build department, who mentioned there was a spare key hidden outside the room. "Why on earth is it locked?" I inquired. He explained, "We're working on a secret seat build, so I bought a locking door handle." It was news to my GM. "Super-secret seats, so who's the customer? Elon Musk?" I joked. The manager clarified, "No, we just don't want anyone to know about this seat project yet." "Who authorized this project?" I asked. He replied, "No one. It's just a one-of-a-kind concept seat that hasn't been done before." Intrigued, I couldn't wait to see it and hung up on him.

Once my GM found the hidden key, we eagerly opened the door. Inside, we saw schematics on the wall and a set of Ford Mustang Recaro Seats on a table. "Why are these so special?" I asked. My GM had no clue. The driver's seat was complete, and the passenger Recaro seat was dismantled, with leather and parts scattered about. It became apparent that Recaro Mustang seats had never been powered. Yet, here was a set, modified with power. After further inspection of the driver's Mustang Recaro seat revealed the real secret: our Custom Seat Build Department had designed the first 2015-2020 factory heated and air-conditioned Mustang Recaro Seat with power tracks and lumbar support. I immediately took some photos.

Bottom view of Mustang heated and cooled Recaro Seats
Bottom view of Mustang heated and cooled Recaro Seats.

This innovation was even more impressive than their 2001 Leather Dodge Ram heated and air-conditioned seat build from two years prior (and no, 2001 is not a typo).

Close up of the bottom of a Mustang heated and cooled custom seat
Close up of the bottom of a Mustang Recaro heated and cooled custom seat.

Come Monday, I met with the custom seat build department team. After gathering more details, I praised their work and inquired if they had a build sheet detailing the total time and material costs for this super-secret, unauthorized project. To my astonishment, they had, at least for half of the project.

Following the meeting, I sat down to write this article—er, blog. Hence, these unique 2015-2020 Ford Mustang Recaro Seats with heating, air conditioning, powered tracks, and lumbar support will no longer be a secret.

They won't be available for about a month due to testing, I was told. But, since I know my Custom Seat Build staff, add a few weeks. Unfortunately, the selling price still remains a mystery, even to me at this time.

Conclusion and Future Updates

In conclusion, I'm sure this blog will make my point clear. This will be the last time an unauthorized, super-secret seat build occurs without my knowledge. Now, the cat's out of the bag.

I'll keep all you Mustang enthusiasts updated on this page with any developments on this not-so-super-secret build.

P.S. Sorry there isn't more info on the Mustang Recaro seats, but I thought I'd share this story... God, I hate typing, especially at 20 words a minute.