Remember the Subaru Brat from the '70s and '80s, with its quirky rear-facing seats in the truck bed? Well, Ford seems to have taken a leaf out of Subaru's "Book of Funky Car Ideas" with their latest patent for the F-150. Introducing Ford F-150's Fold-Out Truck Bed Seats – because why just carry cargo when you can carry your friends in style too?

Ford F-150 Truck Bed SeatingImage: Ford F-150's innovative fold-out truck bed seats. Source: Ford Patent Filing.

A Nostalgic Twist to Modern Tailgating

According to a patent filed by Ford (Available in full on Google Patents), the new F-150 could come with seats that fold out from the truck bed. Perfect for a tailgate party, or maybe for those who want to relive their childhood memories of riding in the back of a pickup truck! 

Functionality Meets Fun - But Not Too Much Fun

The concept is simple yet ingenious. When not in use, the seats fold up neatly, blending into the truck bed's sides. But when the moment calls for it, voilà, you have yourself a mobile party platform. Just remember, these seats are for stationary celebrations only.

Will They Make It to Production?

As of now, the fold-out truck bed seats are still in the patent phase. But who knows? With enough interest, Ford might just turn this concept into a reality. If they don't make it there are still options. Truck bed seats aren't a very uncommon sight at tailgating parties, there are manufacturers who specialize in making them aftermarket such as Innovative Truck Bed Seats. That being said, we've got our fingers crossed for an OEM option and you can guarantee we will be trying to source them day 1!