Upgrading to the 2007-2014  Gm Jump Seat is great for that additional Seat up front to Legally Seat 3 people.

07-14 GM Chevy black Jump Seat


You get 3 cupholders, additional storage up top (that doesn't dump contents out when you flip it up), and a nice storage bin on the bottom that's perfect for your firearm, especially since it's lockable! But one major problem arises... Your key probably won't work in the lock!

Fear not, there's a simple method of fixing this problem that doesn't require you to go to a locksmith, buy new parts, or spend any money.


Check out the forum post by "hzhardy" 

He explains that all you need to do is:

Key Cylinder for GM Jump Seat
  1. Remove the lock from the console
  2. Remove the wafers from the lock
  3. Rearrange the wafers for your key to fit
  4. Reinstall the lock!

It's a pretty simple process that can take some time, but it will save you lots of money in the long run!