This article covers how to enable the heating and cooling functions of seats removed from a 2015 - 2023 Ford Mustang. This kit is designed to make it possible to operate the seats with a simple 12 volt connection. Other kits bypass safety sensors or just hook up a fan - this kit unlocks the full capability of the thermoelectric seat cooling system. Learn more about the differences between ventilation and cooling by reading our article, How do Cooled Seats Work?

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Materials Required

Past & Future Use Cases

  • Installed Heated/Cooled seats in an S550 Mustang that came with Recaro seats
  • Installed Heated/Cooled seats in an S550 Mustang that came with cloth seats
  • Retrofitting S550 Mustang Heated & Cooled Seats into an older vehicle
    • These are a great fit for most 60's & 70's pony cars.
    • Fat Fender Garage has brackets that make these bolt right into old Ford Trucks including the F100
  • Used an S550 Mustang seat in a racing sim setup with heating & cooling functions operable, plus power seat adjustment

Making Connections

Ford AC Seat Peltier Unit TED

This kit connects directly to the TED units within the seats for maximum control. You'll need to gain access to the plugs that connect the seat cooling units to the original seat. Make two connections to your existing units, plug in our switch, give it 12 volts, and you're done!

Leanback Connector

The first connector to be addressed is the one in the leanback. For the S550 mustang seats you'll want to disconnect the carpet flap on the rear of the leanback first. This can be done by removing the push pins holding the seat harness onto the seat pan, freeing up the elastic loops.

Ford Wire Harness Connectors - Male & Female

Once the loops are removed simply fold the carpet upwards. You'll want to remove the plastic sheet behind the map pocket and disconnect the two push-pins holding in the seat cover. This should allow more than ample space to work in the back of the seat, even with large hands. If you're struggling we suggest rolling the material up (like you're taking off a shirt) to allow for a little more room.  Disconnect the factory TED unit and make the new connection to the leanback connector on the kit. Route the wire similarly to the OEM wire.

Cushion Connector

To access the cushion TED connector you'll want to adjust your seat track upwards. The plug for the TED will be immediately next to the unit, look for a gray plug. Push the tab on the plug to disconnect it. Simply connect the OEM connector to our cushion connector and the hard part is done!

Finalizing The Installation

Ford Mustang Cooled Seat Retrofit SwitchPlug in your switch and connect the included power connector to power and ground. The heating & cooling of your seats is now fully functional. Use zip ties and common sense to route your wires accordingly. For installs in the S550 Mustang we recommend mounting the computer with self tapping screws to the bracket that the main seat plug is attached to. For other installations enough wire is provided to allow for the computer to be mounted statically underneath the seat or on the floor. The switch also includes a length of wire to allow for a flexible installation.