King Ranch seats have always been some of the nicest seats that Ford has produced. On day one the seats were bright, soft, and had a natural feel. Fast forward 10+ years and the seats have begun to lose their original appeal. After years of use the seats can become quite seasoned, and without proper care the seats are sure to become worthless. Check out these photos below showing what CAN happen to King Ranch leather if it's left untreated.

Whether you are a current owner, or if you're just looking into doing a King Ranch Conversion, there are a few basics to King Ranch Care that you need to know.

  1. The product you use matters. There's a big difference between the things you can find at WalMart and the specialty products you can find online.
  • Our recommendation: Chemical Guys Leather Care Products. The Cleaner & Conditioner are used first, and then use the Protective Serum to finalize the job.
  • This isn't a once a year deal. We recommend a good cleaning every 3-6 months depending on use and climate.
  • While you're conditioning your seats, they may change color. 1999-2007 Super Duty and 1997-2008 Ford F-150 King Ranch leather will turn almost black. This is normal.
  • If your leather has a red hue to it, as seen in the 2008-2011 Super Duty, it will darken but it won't turn black.

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