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Finding factory seats can be a difficult task, especially since there's so many little variables that go into your vehicle. There are a few steps that will make the task a little bit easier. In this article, we are going to use a semi-older vehicle to demonstrate. Pretend you have a 1993 Camaro; it's fairly old, the seats are torn up, and almost every other 1994 Camaro has the same situation - heavily worn seats.

First things first, we need to find out what generation your vehicle is, if you have a 1994 Camaro, you don't have to use seats specificially from a 1994 model. Doing a quick Wikipedia search shows us that the Camaro has had quite a few generations, but model year 1994 shows up under "Fourth Generation". This generation spans from 1993-2002. So now we know we can bolt in any seat from the 1993-2002 model year Camaro.

Figure out if your model has any other models that are based on it. Wikipedia states that the Camaro is an "F-Body" car, and the only other "F-Body" is the Firebird. So now we know that the seats from a Firebird or Trans-Am will be direct bolt-ins.

Our selection just went from 1994 Camaro seats to 1993-2002 Camaro & Firebird seats.

Find the forums for your vehicle. Example: "Camaro forums 4th generation" pulls us up to a nice forum site, After searching for "4th Gen Seat Swap", I verified that all of these seats are indeed interchangeable and there are basically no electrical modifications that need to be done. I also learned that the older vehicles can have the newer seats put in them as well. This is important, many times the seat swaps cover seats that aren't even from the vehicle at all, they can be from a different model, a different year, or even a different make altogether!

Now that we are armed with solid information, we are ready to start our search. Use the  ending year of your generation in your search. You also want to include any of the alternate vehicles if applicable. If your results are overly crowded with aftermarket seat covers, include the phrase "-covers". This will reduce the amount of seat cover sites you'll get in the results. A very important thing to note, putting something in quotes means it MUST BE ON THE PAGE to show up in search results. So since we aren't shopping for hood scoops, and we aren't looking at cheap racing seats, we are going to put "OEM Seats" and "Used" in our search.

Time to try it. Searching for "OEM Seats" "used" 2002 camaro firebird yields the following results:


So it actually turns out that our website is the top result, the other major contender is online auction sites. It actually turns out that the other pages (killam, autorepairseaside, and emitec) are actually all auction site affiliates, they just link you to what's basically an auction site search. This is very normal in the industry. This brings up a good idea though, searching online auction sites!

First we are going to search our site, so just follow the prompts on the screen by selecting your make, model, then generation and you will be led to a selection of seats that will all fit your vehicle. If you can't find what you need, fill out our request form and move on to searching auction sites.

Now we are armed with knowing that we can use a very broad range of seats in the 1994 Camaro. The next step in the search would be to search the auctions. They have complex search functions, but the easy way to get good results is to use the word "OEM", and set the condition option to USED.