For trucks this swap is fairly straightforward, as long as you do not have the bose system.

Due to the center airbag that depoloys between the two front seats, we cannot recommend doing this swap in the SUV line of models.

Without Bose

Provided that you don't have the bose system, you'll only need to address the wiring and add the "storage box" the dashboard where the console originally intersected. An example diagram is below, the storage box is #5. For this example, if we have a 2018 Silverado w/ 110v, we would use this part for ~$60.


What If I Have Bose?

If you absolutely must do it, it is possible however the task can be daunting. When the subwoofer is removed there is no carpet underneath it, so you can opt to leave it where it is and try and 'pretty it up' with a custom box.