In the last few years an issue has been becoming more prevalent - many customers are coming to us with issues in regards to GM 3rd Row seats. The seat functions are beginning to fail, leaving people with the frustrating situation of a seat being stuck in their vehicle, or one being unable to be installed. This issue isn't entirely unexpected as cables stretch, and things get stuck in places. What was unexpected was the increasing amount of people coming to us to buy their second set of replacement 3rd row chevy / gmc seats. Upon further discussion we found out that most sellers are hardly testing these seats before selling them, often times not even folding them down and up for photos. Many of these seats have developed common issues that can be very difficult to diagnose and fix. The most important thing is to make sure that the set of seats you're buying has been tested and serviced if needed. Make sure to ask your seller if the seats have been inspected and tested for cable issues.

The 2007 - 2014 style GM Third Row Seats operate based on a cable based system. Depending on age and usage history the cables may be stretched, their housings may be cracked, and they can cause intermittent issues that are very frustrating. Even the locking cams can become jammed and become a safety issue. This can cause the seat to only partially lock in the upright position. In a collision this could cause the seat to dislodge and fold forward.

The "spaghetti" nature of the cables and the difficulty to access them usually deter your average person from doing a check-up and relubrication.

Every set of third row seats that comes into our warehouse gets a complete inspection, relubrication, and replacement cables if needed. In addition to being tested in the vehicle, every lever and latch is bench tested to closely verify the functionality.

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