GM Third Row Seats Stuck?

In the last few years an issue has been becoming more prevalent - many customers are coming to us with issues in regards to GM 3rd Row seats. The seat functions are beginning to fail, leaving people with the frustrating situation of a seat being stuck in their vehicle, or one being unable to be installed.

07 - 14 GM SUV Third Row Seat Cable System

These issues are unfortunately very complex due to the nature of the controlling mechanisms inside of the seats. In addition to a large mess of cables, there are locking cams that hold the seat upright. These often are damaged due to someone trying to flip the seat down from the tumbled position without first releasing the lock. Thanks to leverage, a tiny amount of force applied to the third row seats while tumbled can lead to a small bend enough to interfere with the cam and cable system. The #1 lever, if damaged, can become jammed. This can cause the seat to only partially lock in the upright position. In a collision this could cause the seat to dislodge and fold forward.

How To Remove Stuck 3rd Row Seats?


Save Money Buying The Right Set The First Time

Most people selling third row GM seats aren't fully informed on this issue and they simply don't know what to check. On top of this, many sellers will go out of their way to hide these flaws in order to maximize profit.

It's crucial to keep an eye out for these issues up front, especially as some issues can prevent removal. You can literally get stuck with a set of third row seats if you buy the wrong set.  Be sure to ask your seat supplier if they've manually checked the locking systems and cams - if they cannot definitively say they've been checked or if they don't know what that means, we recommend not purchasing from that supplier. All third row seats we offer are guaranteed to be fully functioning and they are fully tested.