If you ordered replacement seats for Car, Pickup Truck, or SUV and are not sure of fitment, the wiring, and the features. RELAX!

At OEM Car and Truck Seats, After you order, one of our Seat Specialists will give you a call to make sure your seats are the right ones for you in every aspect. The call takes about 5 to 10 minutes, and it will save you hours of headaches and item return issues.

Rest Easy Fitment Call GuaranteeOur Seat Specialist will obviously ask you for make model and year of you car, truck or SUV. Other topics of conversation will be color, seat Features, electrical fitment and Shipping Information.

We take the time for these calls simply so you will have "peace of mind" with your purchase. We also don't want our seats to go on a round trip Vacation to their destination and return again. Back in the day, before our fitment calls, it happened so often,  our return department called the returns a "Seat Vacation". A vacation for seats became very costly in terms of shipping costs.

So our 5 to 10 minute call alleviates all of the time wasting problems, anxiety and headaches, that's why we call it our Rest Easy Fitment Call Guarantee. No hassle, no stress, no waste of time. Just a simple and effective way to get the correct items you need, the first time.

Please note: We will not ship out the Seats, center consoles or Jump Seats until the Fitment Call is made. Our Fitment Call will be made within an hour after purchase during business hours, Monday-Friday 9am til 5pm. Weekend purchases will get a Fitment Call on Sunday evening or Monday Morning.