Lincoln 30-way Perfect Position Seats


Lincoln's Perfect Position seats, which debuted in 2016 in the Lincoln Continental sedan, set a new standard for comfort. But how do they stack up against the competition? Let's find out.

Why Lincoln is the Most Comfortable

Comfort is a personal experience, influenced by various factors such as body shape, personal preferences, and even medical conditions. However, when it comes to customizable comfort, one seat stands above the rest: Lincoln's Perfect Position Seats.

Tiers of Lincoln Seats

Available in 3 different tiers—standard 10-way, premium 24-way, and the luxurious 30-way—these seats offer unprecedented levels of adjustment to ensure maximum comfort for any individual.

The Best Seat for Your Project Car

If you're working on a high-quality SEMA build or just looking for the world's most comfortable auto seat, Lincoln's Perfect Position seats are the ultimate choice. However, integrating these into your project will require skilled auto electricians and a bit of time—but the comfort payoff is unparalleled.

Feature Breakdown

Lincoln's Perfect Position seats offer an extensive range of adjustment options:

Feature Ways of Adjustment
Seat track 6
Thigh support 4

"The upper seat back supports the shoulders while the suspension system supports the body. This combination helps take stress off the shoulders and neck... This provides support for each leg, enabling one leg to be at rest while the other leg is extended for pedal engagement."
-Lincoln Continental Perfect Position Seats Fact Sheet

For more details, check out Lincoln's official fact sheet on the 30-Way Perfect Positioning Seats.