Brace yourselves, we are going back in time with Ford's latest patent filing. Ford recently filed patents that are akin to a Swiss Army knife for car seats. These aren't just any seats; they're reconfigurable, using powered actuators - because who doesn't want a bit of robot assistance in their car? No more clunky rearranging of seats in the van!

Ford Reconfigurable Seats Patent

Imagine seats that not only slide back and forth but also rotate 360 degrees.

It’s like Ford took inspiration from those fancy reclining chairs but made them even cooler for cars. You can stack them at one end of the cabin, freeing up space without breaking a sweat or your back. This new development may take the crown from Chrysler's "Stow 'N Go" seats that have been a parent-favorite for years.

A New Focus On The Rear Seats

Rear passenger comfort has experienced a new renaissance. No longer are rear passengers confined to smaller, featureless seats. We are more frequently seeing features from the front seats being mirrored in the rear seats, typically in the most luxurious of SUVs. This move is based around a simple idea - the driver's seat may not always be occupied! Autonomous cars offer an interesting new option, sacrificing front row room for rear row room!

Ford Reconfigurable Seat Patent Picture for Autonomous Vehicles

By moving the seats all the way forward, rear passengers have vastly increased room. 

Are Swivel Seats New?

For those of you experienced enough to have enjoyed these seats, you may be thinking "Swivel seats in a Ford? Never heard of it!". These seats were all the rage with other car manufacturers. GM introduced swivel bucket seats in the 70s, but they could be found in Chryslers as early as 1959. Chrysler was not one to be left behind; they brought back the swivel seat magic in their 2008 minivans. It’s like musical chairs, but cooler.

As for Ford's future, they're expected to launch an all-electric three-row SUV in 2025. Will it feature these fancy reconfigurable seats? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, installing child car seats might just become a task so easy it isn't even worth discussing, rather than a way for parents to practice yoga in the car. Get ready to user power seat actuators to swivel, pivot, and slide into the future!