Summary: Side impact crashes are a leading cause of road fatalities. Learn how the introduction of center airbags in specific GM models aims to provide better protection for passengers.

Side Impact Crashes: A Grim Reality

Side impact crashes account for nearly half of all traffic fatalities. These center airbags stop the two front occupants from "bumping heads," so to speak.

How Center Airbags Help

While many auto manufacturers provide side impact airbags, passengers on the opposite side of the impact lacked the protection of the airbag. The new airbag deploys from the driver's seat towards the center of the vehicle. It provides protection for the person on the non-impact side of the vehicle.

The Evolution of Airbag Technology

This new technology was first provided in the 2009 GM Crossover SUVs, including the Traverse, Acadia, and Enclave. The technology has now spread to full-size GM SUVs like the Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon, and Escalade. In the 2015 - 2020 GM SUV Seats, the center airbag tag can be found above the console on the driver's seat.

Video: Center Airbags in Action

Source: YouTube