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30-Way Perfect Positioning Seats - The Most Comfortable Seats EVER For Project Cars

Lincoln Reigns King In Comfort

Many manufacturers offer a large variety of seat adjustment options, but which seat takes our top spot for the most comfortable? Comfort is fairly subjective as everyone has their different tastes, body shape, and medical issues.

There is one seat that flies beyond the rest of the competition with its unmatched comfort adjustments. This is the seat that anyone can be remarkably comfortable in. Inspired by private aircraft seating, the Lincoln Perfect Position seats are offered in 3 different tiers. The standard is a 10-way adjustable seat, which is very nice. The 24-way adjustable seats are incredible. The mac-daddy, king of all seats takes the crown with 30-way adjustment.


The Most Comfortable Seat For Your Project Car

Are you doing a SEMA Quality Build? Looking for something to really set aside your car from the rest? Want the worlds most luxurious auto seat in your vehicle?  It'll definitely take some time and some skilled auto electricians, but there will be nothing that compares to these in terms of comfort. These seats are perfect for when only the best will do. Sure, there are many seats that are almost as good, but if you're the discerning type that doesn't want to settle for almost, give us a ring at 844-636-7328. Consider this your warning, if you buy these for your car you'll end up wanting another set for your living room.

How To Buy Perfect Positioning Seats

These are a unicorn of a seat. Not many of them exist outside of showroom floors. At the time of publishing, we do have them.


The Breakdown

They feature a laundry list of adjustments including:

  • 6 ways to adjust the seat track
  • 4 ways to adjust the thigh support
  • 2 ways to recline
  • 4 ways to adjust lumbar support
  • 4 ways to adjust the headrest
  • 2 ways to adjust the back bolster
  • 2 ways to adjust the upper back bolster support
  • 2 ways to adjust the cushion bolster
  • 4 ways to adjust cushion extension

"The upper seat back supports the shoulders while the suspension system supports the body. This combination helps take stress off the shoulders and neck.Two extending thigh cushions, each independently adjustable, add further support. The cushions can be extended or moved up or down, allowing the driver to further personalize the adjustments. This provides support for each leg, enabling one leg to be at rest while the other leg is extended for pedal engagement."
-Lincoln Continental Perfect Position Seats Fact Sheet



The full PDF fact-sheet on the seats is available here.

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