Ford Mustang


Things You Should Know:

  • The 1994 - 2004 Mustang seats are all the same, some have 'flat' cushions and some have cushions that hold you more.
  • 2005 - 2014 Mustang Seats will bolt into the 1994-2004 Mustang using our adaptor plates.
  • Mustangs received airbags in the seats as standard equipment in 2007. If you have a 2007+ Mustang be sure to purchase a set that contains airbags.
  • If you do not have airbags, you may still use a set with airbags, simply do not plug in the connector.
  • If you're looking for heated seats, go into the 2010-2014 section. Heated seats for 2005-2009 seats are extremely rare.


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