Ford F150

Things you should know:

  • Many regular and extended cabs had "integrated seatbelts" where the seatbelt is completely contained in the seat instead of one end being attached to the pillar. If your vehicle currently has that please be sure to buy a set that also has that feature. Simply select the year you have below and look for seats that have the seatbelt
  • If you have a 1997-2003 F150 that does not have integrated seatbelts, you can use the 1999-2010 Super Duty seats by performing a simple track swap (4 bolts per side).
  • If you have a 2004 F150 "Heritage" (old style body), use the 1997-2003 seats.
  • 1996 & older F150's may share tracks with Super Duty models.
  • IF YOU HAVE A 1999 OR 2000 "F250 WORK SERIES" use 1997-2003 F150 seats.


For front or rear seats, please select your body style. 

Prior to processing your payment, one of our experienced technicians will contact you to discuss your vehicles interior project and fitment.