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GM SUV & Truck Seats : 2015 - 2019

Starting in 2015, the GM SUV Lineup received a third in-seat airbag. This airbag deploys over the center console for added protection in side-impact collisions. Click here to learn more.  Please buy accordingly. Additional information on these seats will be released as we receive it. These seats use the 'hook-style' mounting. There are two bolts in the rear that hold these in, and then two hooks on the front slide the seats out backwards. 

For the first time, the Cadillac Escalade separated from the GM SUV line and uses it's own unique seats and console as opposed to just using nicer materials.

    If you have a Tahoe, Suburban, or Yukon please take a look at your seats. If you have an airbag tag on the inner edge of your drivers seat (right next to the console) you MUST replace your seats with seats that also have that tag.

    Silverado & Sierra Owners: These seats will work in 2014 - 2018 1500 models, and 2014-2019 HD models (2500+).

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